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"Catch up, keep up, Get Fired up and Get Ahead!"

Mini Trampoline gets more bounce to the ounce!


This is a great exercise workout. I don't have the expensive mini trampoline like that one. I will make due with the cheap one for now! Anybody else ever use the mini?

Up to Day Three..Whew!!


Hello Planeteers!

First some exciting news! I'd like to thank Rev. Al Sharpton for joining my Black Planet page.

That's out-a-site!!

Now, to the matter at hand. This is day three of the Ultimate Master Cleanse and I dare say, I think I've got a grip on this thing now ya'll.

Day one, was tough.

Day two, was terrible!!! I ended up busting loose and actually eating something that I had no business eating. (c'mon get your mind out of the gutter.)

But, what I discovered is that my taste buds have become more sensitive so if it's salty, greasy and poorly seasoned, all of that became conscious. No reflection on Cameron's seafood restaurant though. (I'm not sure if I'll go back after the cleanse or not).

Day three..I woke up this morning with renewed energy and focus. It's a matter now of just completing the plan. No solid food, no cravings for coffee or anything like that...yet today!! And it's 4:00 pm!!

It's on now ya'll. .

I hope that this testimonial will encourage you if you're considering this fast/cleanse. Because, I want you to live happily and healthy on your way to abundant life!

That's all for now!

Peace Out,

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Master Cleanse...Day One!!



I think I've found out that no one's really interested in this cleansing concept except me. For reasons that I mentioned in my previous post. So if you're not, it's no big deal just don't read the rest of this because it's more like my journal on the results I am getting from the 14 day cleanse anyway.

Moving right along, I just fininshed my first days recipe of the Lemonade and while watching my girl on The Game I drank my first 10 ounces. It reall doesn't taste bad and you know I really don't like cayenne pepper or any other pepper for that matter. Except a sweet honey that can pepper up her sex!

I found out that buying the ingredients is going to be on an installment basis, because 40.00 worth of stuff only gets your to day 3 or four of the formula. They also make a one stop easy pack of it that is 40.00 and definately is only 3 days supply.

Fortunately, I already had some cayenne pepper here.

Well, now I am about to turn on the video and get some exercise in too.

Remember, Beyonce, Robin Quivers and Jesus did this type of fast/cleanse.

That's all for now,



I'm Gonna "Reset" my Life .


When Beyonce Knowles went on Oprah to share her weight loss story using the Lemonade Diet Master Cleanse, she started a natural and healthier weight loss approach for many.

I say if it's good enough for Jay-Z's girl then I think it'll be a good way to reboot my life too! Not just for the weight loss (though it surely can't hurt) I also want to reset other areas of my life too.

Ever heard of the Lemonade Master Cleanse?

Basically it's: made of all natural, organic ingredients that have useful nutritional properties to the body.


  • 1. Organic Grade B Maple Syrup: Maple Syrup contains the sugar, sucrose which is easily broken down by the body to give you the energy you need while on the program. You will not feel depleted or weak a moment.
  • 2. Fresh Lemon Juice: The lemon contains nutrients the body needs. The naturally acid lemon juice will also assist in cleansing your system. (some say use organic lemon juice..hey you're already in the health food store anyway!)
  • 3. Cayenne Pepper: An excellent detox agent, as there is only a small amount you won’t really notice its taste.
  • 4. Pure Mineral Water: Besides acting as the base for this drink and keeping you hydrated during the process, water helps your body to undergo rapid detoxification.


Read more about it here...

Hey, I'll keep you informed of my results. Say goodbye to the old Kevin Lankford and get ready to meet the new slim shadey!!


Kevin Lankford.com

Let's get it started



I've been receiving some very nice notes from the ladies and I really appreciated it! Believe that!!

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get used to the communication system here at Black Planet.

What's your method for gathering and communicating with your new friends?

Do you read the profile of others and get some insight to who they are? What type of profile do you find the most interesting? I'd appreciate any input you can provide.

Also, hit me up on twitter okay?

Peace out,


Wendy Raquel Robinson is sooooo Game!


Okay Planteers!

I've finally decided that Wendy Raquel Robinson is my favorite actress! Whenever I watch the Game, I wait for her appearances. It's pitiful. Pit-eee-full!!! She's filled the void in my heart that Halle Berry left empty, so now it's on! She can get it anytime!! Oddly enough though. She has no Black Planet account (does she?) nor does she have a twitter account or any other social network for that matter. I read that she is happily married and I wish her the best (and her lucky husband for that matter.) Anyway the show is back on so I'll catch ya'll lata! Ya dig?


ps. If you find out she does have a twitter or FB hip a brother on will ya?

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