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Only those who lived life can put the pieces back together.........

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The Old Soul of Rudolph Ruffin

He wrote the words to make you relate and cry
He lives his life to Old School root until he dies
Rudolph is'nt perfect but atleast he tries
He describes the meaning of love and people as Heavenly
He wrote many things about his life and lives it like the 70s
Thoughts of him helping others often traced his own growth
He's no angel but he is a person uniquely that you can get to know
If you befriend him long term or short lived
His influence is one nobody will ever forget

His only wish was just live his life and be married
Many of his female friends to wait, but he was destined to make the memories he wanted to carry
I guess he knows the times of blessings require a long wait
But his heart wants to spread love and knowledge, not hate
Other pains you can see in his eyes are clear to see
Even when he's laughing with you and me
Rudolph's aim to people does'nt require perfection
But it's to help you grow and go in the right direction

The music of his mind and the heart of his old soul will speak
No matter how far or how deep but all of you in his heart he will keep..........



The Life I Live (poem)

This is the life I live not the life I chose
What path lies ahead of me? who knows
But in our path, we shall grow
There isnt answer to why we are so different
But as we tell our story of hope, others can listen
For people who grew up harshly I relate too easily
Pain was done to you all even me
I wish I can turn back the hands of time
To change the wrong turns in this life of mine

Im glad that I grew up the way I did
Because I promise to never hurt my wife nor beat my kids
I hope to marry with a wife and family
To have a rock soild woman who understands me
And for us to grow so heavenly

I guess for now I must live my life to do my own thing
And wait patiently until its time to find a wedding ring
I guess soon enough from this painful life I lead
I wish that I can beg God to hear my tearful plea
Love with a woman who stand soulfully with you
Is the reason why I lived to wait for that woman thats so true



Change me if you can (poem)

When I was lost I didnt know where I was ending up
But when everyone left me I was down on my luck
If there was a chance for me to change, where can I start
I thought it was no chance at it when my life fell apart
Hope was a burden that I couldnt risk
Reality's wake up call never done me like this
I know my choice of a better life is next to zero
While sit in despair wishing my time was here though
I walked around in so much agony and grief
Alot of people took away my happiness so theres more than one thief

I turned around my ways around hoping to find peace
Through the grace of the lord I turned away from the street
I wish I couldve healed my heart through the pain
If David Ruffin was alive he'd wish it would rain
Still waters run deep as you reflect on stuff
I tried everything in my heart but it dont feel thats its enough
Why am I hard on myself wishing to be forgiven
Ive contemplated thoughts on not living
I can be deeper than deep for as long as I can
I hope and pray that the lord can forgive me as I take another stand :)



Think About Me :) (poem)

Everytime I see you baby I feel sad
Thinkin of the memories of you and I feel so bad
May I ask of you baby a moment of your time
I have to the thoughts that had been running through my mind
Do ever think about me when you get the chance
Do you ever think about our love and sweet romance
I never knew to stop you like this
I think of you so much its you that I miss
But when you have time please baby grant me one wish
Think about me in the way that you know very deeply
Think about the days of happiness you would keep me



Youre as right as rain (poem)

Baby when youre sad you cry when it rains
But when your happy with me you take away my pain
I wish it was more that I can do
But when you hold my hand it lets me know that you love me too
I just wish it was more women like you
I know every woman is different but I wanna let your love shine on them to
I bet when you step out to help someone you never go wrong
I just hope I can turn your dedication into a song
But the time ive waited for a woman like you has been so long
And now I see you shine so brightly and so strong

For the shelter of your love id wait for a million years
To heal your heart id shed a million years
Because youre as right as rain softer than the winds on a cloudy day
Why do I say this? Because youre made that way



One Lucky Day I found you (poem)

Youre just about to make me lose my mind
Because you healed the pain and I was no longer blind
Suddenly you came to put a smile on my face
Thats why for the love and memory of you ill never ease
Youre like a shooting star as far in the sky
Im so happy I fell in with you and I know why
You set me free from the doom and gloom
You changed my sad melody to a happy tune
Because when I heard youre voice it lifted me
When you came into my arms and thrilled me



If pt. 4 (poem)

If I can search for love, where will I find you
If you ask me where will I look, I wouldnt have a clue
If I stood in front of God to put it all together, he will seek it through
If ever lost a love so true, where will I be when I'm blue
If I made sure that youll never go away, I will never give up on you

If we were married, what would you do
If I stand beside you, youll know that im happy because of you
If I wrote dedications to you to show how much I care, through your words and presence I know you'll be there
If said that ill be here for you, I will definitely do so no matter where

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