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Dry Ice's debut album Benzene stereo Malk Espanca


This is the first work of James signing as Malta Stereo Espanca Malk, who besides his solo electronic music (...) would be like Malk Espanca narrated by a character that appears on this artist sultry nights of carnival costume-ball hitswhere it leaves the streets killing the unsuspecting revelers, and that this work will have its birth:

And where do I find this budega?
http://www.4shared.com/file/f1 puhk7y/Gelo_Seco_Benzina.html

http://soundcloud.com/malkespa nca/sets/gelo-seco-benzina

http://www.purevolume.com/Tiag oMaltaAparelhagemMalkespanca/a lbums/Gelo+Seco+% 2F + Benzene


But if I want to buy? Remember that there is no need to buy this album in physical form, all the songs are released for "free" by the artist himself, but if they want to:

http://nacaraecoragem.tanlup.c om/



Track at

01 Introduction by Chestnut and Cashew (or Farce between light and dan ncia): This is Genesis Malk before ordinary people, with naming, profession and status common today is changing, he is still stunned seeing the presentation of two replicants, cheap copies of old suddenly, bad presentation is started and these two beings come into cyber crash, sound and noise are mixed and Malk assimilate all this as if it were one thing (...) sorry if they wanted further explanation about who he is, but That's all I know, he was born on Friday the eve of Carnival of the year 2099 and since that day this feast was never safe.

02 SYBORTA (opus 0001): Dyslexia spelled in an archaic, reaffirms that the events in the first track, because after the first crash, the automatic factory of cyborgs begin to release their droids before being finalized, are aborted without a finish; without the completion of your specifications and without the three laws of robotics computed. Walk the streets like zombies fed on scraps, try to find a conclusion of his state, in short, is a cyborg syborta aborted.

Prototi.CO 03 (or the path of the train covers the desert into the garden of the ideas of anarchists) in each corner of each suburb are being produced and reproduced information, treaties and conspiracy theories to try to reach a conclusion about why that such changes in the universe and all of this work of fiction and journalism of truth lie will be called the prototype of a conclusion arrived at, to hear one of these stories just sit in a pub located far from everything and close to nowhere
- Dedicated to the entire community Cesara - http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/C esar o

04 Grand Master Theremin (or the celebration of St. Leon at the Silicon Valley) almost idolatrous exaltation of old gadgets, do you re-emerge as gods, holy-machine designed to protect the future of music, and in alleys where they are erected totems break dance around them to ask for his blessing and protection.
- Dedicated to my son, Luke Theremin

Suicide 05 Free (or The battle for the right of not being) will soon be discovered scientifically the existence of reincarnation for all living beings in the universe, will soon be released to reset the practice of those who are dissatisfied with their lives and you can then have a fresh start, but it cost so much ...
- The legalization of euthanasia, because no one should suffer what does not -

06 Dry Ice (opus 0002): on warm nights when the water is as healthy as drinking a bottle of poison, adaptation will be crucial so that we can refresh yourself with other chemical compositions. With $ 12.00 you get in the city center a 1 kg of frozen carbon dioxide, which lasts much longer than just ice cubes. Buy a package, boat and backpack can be assured that it will last all night.

07 New Horizon at the Santa Rosa Campo Belo (or the procession of the source bastards): Late night is coming and while some monsters again touches begin to see the normal movement, leaving passers-by still wandering through the night, leave early to work to try to come in the morning.
- Dedicated to my broken-

08 Two boys smell Benzene (Auto puppies for the footwall of exile): Do not criticize anyone's breakfast [Please] strange as it may seem, because in the end they are together and happy.

09 music box of drunk (or dance of misfits): Well, everyone has the right to be lulled and to dream that some day may be a ballerina.

10 The opera crazy deaf and dumb (Fun for Harp): wab vo 'tammoH

11 Asian Flu (or?????? ???): All kinds of fashion, gender and Eastern concept sweeping the world, such as a radioactive storm, there is no meaning in the word in a cosplay world that already wears naturally as if in a manga

Noise Week 12 (or invention for treatment of fracture) for consideration of the best and most perfect sounds that echo in our beloved city (whatever that is), do not forget that while there is noise, we know that we are alive and that the world is spinning .

Passion between two 13 Mosquitoes (or fable to Marcella and Peter) to my brother and his wife.

Robotics 14 Druid (or poetic about the Treaty Technomancer): only one epic trip almost paid for a world that stick technology, but where the mystical faith in substrates is still rife.
- Freely inspired by the role-playing game Shadownrun -

15 Passion between two mosquitoes (DJ MixXxuruca - the bad Baby android ET Mix)
16 SYBORTA (DJ MixXxuruca - noise mix)

PLTLH? (...)
17 Cyber Cyberpunk world (final vignette): Hacker, you know, what more do you want?

But what is the Stereo??
Medel Electronic Drums DD-306, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, portable recorder K7 (RQ-2102), Table Sound Wattsom MXS-8II, Behringer Flanger BF-20, Pedal Boss Bass Overdrive BOD-100, Pick-up CCE, Misex Gemini PMX-120, Keyboard Casio SA-1, CCE Keyboard EK-EK-50X and 55x, Yamaha Keyboard PSR-620 and PSS-680 and a beautiful Glockenspiel

more than special interests: Pamela Day (photos), Fabiano Elf (guitar and voice in Cyber World Cyber Punk, Mark Wateryell (Voice Dry Ice) and DJ MixXuruca (remixed Syborta and passion between two Mosquitos)
All tracks were recorded in studio "made in the thigh" except Druid Robotics and Cyber punk recorded in the cyber world "music studio together"

Introduction by Cashew Nut and samplers of the album contains "Teachers soup" - and cashew nuts.
New Horizon's Santa Rosa to the Campo Belo sampler contains "Whip It" - I
Two boys smell Benzene contains samples from "Wizard of Oz World" of Racionais MCs
SYBORTA (noise mix) contains sampler of "tearing the guts of the samba" - Zombie Nation

Produced by Courage In The Face & Artistic productions
Other Works of Artist:
Selfish ballads and other junk (2002);
The farce of Pests Imbeciles (2003)
Happy Poet's Corner (2009)

Periodicals: Fidel Castro Alves (2000), Track Magazine (2002)

The return of Baker Cearense or just Meconium (2000)
The Dadaists Hear the Music (2005)
Electronic Disturbance (2009)
Phunky The Last Dance on Earth (2010)
Email: nacaraecoragem@yahoo.com.br
Mobile: (21) 9420-5918
Blog: http:// nacaraecoragem.blogspot.com
http://soundcloud.com/malkespa nca
Youtube: http:// www.youtube.com / pimplom
Orkut community "unofficial" I hate James Beads
Tweet: @ otiagom
PS: Do not panic

I Like strdonda, but I am not Playsson