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Finally something NEW from BlackPlanet!


BlackPlanet is on the verge of publically announcing a new product, BlackPlanet Radio. I wanted to tell you guys about it first to give you a first peek before it opens up to the public.

With BlackPlanet Radio, you get free, social streaming radio, featuring over 14 million songs. You can be the DJ and put YOUR spin on OUR music. 

Listen to the hundreds of curated playlists or create your own and share them with your friends! You can also enjoy our exclusive collection of  Celebrity contributed playlists made just for BP Radio.

BlackPlanet has also been busy on other new products such as BlackPlanet Next, offering you an entire new social networking experience and BlackPlanet Mobile. Check out more info on what we have coming up here.

Blackplanet Radio will also be coming soon to the iTunes App Store and Android Market. 

Since I'm telling you guys first, I would love if you went to check it out at blackplanetradio.com, sign up for a free account and make some playlists of your own. Let me know what you think! 

Follow @BP_Radio on Twitter and Like BlackPlanet Radio on Facebook for announcements and new exclusive playlists on the site! 



Why Are We JUST NOW Outraged Over Troy Davis?


As time went on, it seemed marches, celebrities, past Presidents, the Pope and Twitter Trending Topics weren't going to change Troy Davis' fate of being executed in the state of Georgia this evening at 7pm.

He was convicted of killing a cop 20 years ago, oh yeah, and he's Black. He has a past criminal history and reportedly shot someone in the face early that day the cop was killed.

I wasn't there, nor do I know all the details of the case. At this point, the important thing I'm focused on is not if he did it or not, it's the lack of a judicial process that was allowed and then how it only becomes a national outrage days before his life is to end.

Davis was supposed to be executed three times since 2007 and has appealed to the board for more time (which was granted everytime up until now). Where was the uproar those last three times his days were close to being over? 

Here you have a Black man, who allegedly shoots a cop. Quick convicntion and even quicker deny for appeals over the last 20 years. Compared to the number of death row convictions overturned to the even more that are innocently dying by the hand of the state for reasons like bad representation, racial profiling or poor judicial practices is clearly an issue in this country. 

So why are we making noise about it in the last days of this man's life. I'm very aware that this has been an issue long before this week but 90% of the people talking about it today only found out about it days ago.

It's sad to say, but an innocent Black man in prison has to work that much harder because statistically he is guilty. Now Twitter has blocked anything Troy Davis related from being a trending topic causing even more of an uproar.
 This energy could have been useful months ago.

And the worst part about it is, tomorrow, no one will care anymore. 

Check out all of News One's Troy Davis coverage here

What's your take on this situation? 

Bert And Ernie's Relationship Has Little Weight On Your Child's Sexuality


Gay rights are taking strides and leaps faster than we can keep up. What used to be considered a sin in most communities is now allowed in 7 states in the United States. Same sex marriage is becoming a household phrase and it’s safe to say that the milestones this movement has gone through in the past few years will be in the next generation’s history books. 


In addition to the history books, activists are petitioning to marry two long-time friend puppets Bert and Ernie on the iconic children’s program Sesame Street. Arguments for the marriage include that Bert and Ernie have been roommates for over 40 years and would be the perfect couple to teach kids about the gay community.


Society has proven that just given time, dedication and opportunity, it can overcome and accept most indifferent ideas; from civil, feminist and gay rights to finally electing a Black President. With that said, the next generation will come up in a society being raised by same sex parents, open gay relationships on television and LGBT friends and classmates.


Even though Sesame Street released an official statement stating, “They are puppets and do not have a sexual orientation,” confirming that Bert and Ernie will not be married, the next generation’s influences from the Gay community will still heavily exist.


The next generation will be the first to be raised in a society where homosexuality is accepted. Should it be up to the parents to educate them accordingly on the Gay community?


Will the next generation be more likely to have a larger adult population who prefered to be with the same sex? If so, is this a problem or a threat to society?



What I Would Change About BlackPlanet


I work for BlackPlanet so this post is a bit weird for me to write, but sometimes I just need a place to vent right?

I love the idea of BP and everything it stands for and tries to achieve. However, there are just some things, mostly having to do with the communication that bothers me. 

I feel that BP has yet to move into the new age of communicating of sharing news and web trends with the people in our network. The rumors about BP Next, excite me because it seems to be heading to the next level of social networking. 

The spam, the inactive groups and forums that seem to get in the way of my BP experience among other unnecessary hiccups as I navigate around the site urk my nerves a bit. As well as the way we receive and share our news and photos. More than anything, I want to be able to access my notes and messages on my phone. A better BP Mobil app that I can use effectively on 'the go'.

There's also interesting conversations that I have on Facebook and would love to share them with my network on BP. 

So those are some of the issues that I heard BP Next is supposed to address. But I don't want to be the only one putting in my opinions about what could be better around here. We all need to help out the developers of BP Next and tell them what we as active members want to see in OUR social network. 

If you'd really like to help them out, take a quick survey to let them know what you think about your BP experience. I think they're giving away a iPad2 and $500 among some other stuff if you complete it. 

Anyway, let me know what are some of the things you think BP should work on? What should stay and what should go?

The Casey Anthony Trial Is Not The Black Community's Fight. Stop Crying Racism.


Casey Anthony's trial, verdict and sentencing was outrageous and unfair but it was not racist. I've always had a problem when something unfair happens to a Black person or something 'too fair' happens to a White person, the entire Black community wants to cry 'racism'. 

We're so used to being treated one way that it's the only way we seem to be able to view life. If I get caught at the red light and the White lady next to me made it because her engine was a little faster than mine, I'm not going to go to Twitter and rant about the automaker industry being racist to Blacks. 

Dr. Boyce Watkins introduced a survey taken in the Black Community after the verdict to find that 86.3% of those surveyed are convinced that the verdict would have been different based on the color of her skin. 

Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter. She also should never teach a class in 'getting rid of the evidence', nor should we believe that her parents probably didn't help her out as well. BUT, at the same time, OJ probably did it, and Nicole Brown Simpson was a White woman. The man got off for killing a White woman. But we don't fault him on having a great legal team. 

Martha Stewart didn't kill anybody but she still went to jail. Martha Stewart, in jail. I still can't imagine it. So where's the racism in that? I can't argue if Casey Anthony did it, or why she got off or why her sentencing was so light. But I will tell you that when it comes to the Justice System, unfair verdicts can not always be deemed Racist. 

This was a White woman on trial for killing her White daughter. Not a Black one. There were no racial lines crossed here. But as soon as the verdict hit the air, the "If she was a Black woman..." movement started and then it became a Race issue. 

Now I'm not saying that there aren't some cases and trials out there that have not been influenced by race, but you guys, this is not one of them. 

Can we get back to the bigger picture that this little girl's killer is roaming free somewhere; whether it's Casey Anthony or not. 

This is not the Black community's fight. Am I wrong?

For more reading, check out:

How Should Black People Feel About Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Her Daughter

Obama Wants To Talk WITH Us!


Here's why we love Obama. He won the 2008 election because he knew how to relate to the younger generation and keep up with the constant changing technology that has all of our attention. 

He knew that young people make up the largest percentange of the population of this country and he focused on us. He brought the 'cool' to politics we all followed him. On top of being one of the first 'celebrity' twitter accounts, Obama's campaign reached out through YouTube, Facebook and even has an active BlackPlanet page.

But now I found out that he's doing the first ever Twitter Town Hall meeting tomorrow [June 6th at 2pm Est], where's he's going to answer questions submitted on Twitter live and in real time. 

I'll admit, Obama pulled out all the stops for the 2008 election, I was wondering what he would have up his sleeve for his 2012 run. 

I think this is awesome and a great way to kick off Obama's return to the White House in 2012. I know I have a boat load of questions I'll be tweeting to him. Hopefully this kind of interaction will be his main focus in this election because he's got a rough road ahead of him. 

With his approval rating fluctuating like a roller coaster, a lot of candidates are going to try to take advantage of that weakness right now. 

If you want to participate in this Town Hall Meeting just tweet your question followed by the hashtag #AskObama and follow @townhall for your responses. If you don't have Twitter, list your questions in the comments and @BlackPlanet will tweet them for you. 

If you're interested in all-things-town-hall follow NewsOne's list on Twitter to keep up with commentary from Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Boyce Watkins, NewsOne editor Claudio E. Cabrera and others.

Since Obama seems to be coming out with the big guns so soon, what do you think he has up his sleeve for his 2012 run? What are some of the reasons you love Obama? Do you think the reasons we fell in love with him are good enough to stay in love with him?

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