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Make Love more&more..for Good Reason


If people learned how to make love after every altercation? This world would be a better place...LITERALLY..
Because the more Love you make, the more love you have for eachother..
More love for eachother:
Less drama&pain..
Less broken glass & broken hearts..
Which brings:
A better friendship within your relationship,which creates more submissiveness in her, because their would be more compromise in him, which creates a better Lifestyle :]



Our generation of men/women now shouldn't enter a relationship.. Too much unneeded stress. They're too lazy to work it out. Make everything worse than it is. Nobody believes in being with ONE person anymore.. People Marry, JUST to divorce & take half of everything you worked for.. The No-Goods are now learning the Gentleman's rule, soo its harder now for a REAL man to be welcomed in a woman's heart... (99.9%) ..I think I need to write a book.

My Thoughts on Something...


They say "Good Men"are no fun..Well,
In response to that, I didn't know being Ike&Tina was The new thing you would be looking for..
We play a ROLE, not a Position..
We leave fun&games in sports, cause you play positions..We wanna be the Star in your life, so we play Roles..
-Lifes a Movie..EnJoy the show

What Women Should,Wanna Know...


Ayyye My Ladies...! Kelz here to help yall understand a couple things about us men,or (Niggas) like alot of yall like to call us once we Eff up...lol

But Ayee, Listen,

theres more than one kind of man out there,cant put all of us in a category JUST because of your previous relationships & Bullshid..I understand most of yall are hurt or STILL hurting from no-goods..(& i Apologize for that).
But theres still Gentlemen here,(fortunately you found one :)), & im just here to tell yall Whatev yall wanna know about Us..About time a REAL man stands up to the plate & tell us the 411..

I Dont Play Games,Ill be straight up with you..Ask Me Whatev you like,Whatev you wanna know About Men,Our games we play,why we Inmature etc...
I promise you,im here to Help..IIght? Send Notes,Ims,Whatev..
I gotchu MyBoo's..