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Star Trek Star 'Outed' by simple Guardian Blunder


Guardian columnist Jane Czyzselska, writing for the newspaper's companion website, mistakenly 'outed' Shakespearean actor and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star Patrick Stewart as being gay.

In a column celebrating 'Inception' actress Ellen Page actually coming out as gay, Czyzselska wrote "some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page's coming out speech is newsworthy because a high-profile and surprisingly politically aware young actress has decided not to play by the rules that so many closeted Hollywood actors are advised to follow if they are to enjoy mainstream success,"

It just so happens that the 73-year-old Shakespearean actor, best known for his roles as Professor Charles Xavier in the 'X-Men' movies and as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV series 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and its companion films - isn't gay.

In fact, Stewart has been married - to Women - three times, most recently in September of last year, when he married American jazz singer Sunny Ozell. He also has two children from a previous marriage.

The Guardian rushed to correct its mistake, adding an addendum at the bottom of the page, but Stewart didn't seem to mind a bit.

"It makes a nice change" tweeted Stewart in response to the 'outing'. "At least I didn't wake up to the Internet telling me I was dead again". At the time of writing, that post has been 'retweeted' 1,181 times.

For those who don't know, Sir Patrick Stewart is a huge supporter of LGBT rights. He vocally supports gay marriage and was even given the 2013 'Straight Ally of The Year Award' from PFLAG.

Fellow 'Star Trek' star William Shatner joined in the fun, Tweeting, "I never get that kind of coverage! I'm jealous!"

The confusion may have arisen because Sir Patrick's best friend is openly gay actor Sir Ian McKellen. If that was the case, Stewart tweeted this response: "I have, like, five or even SEVEN hetero friends and we totally drink beer and eat lots of chicken wings!" Is it just me, or is it impossible to read the above quote without hearing Captain Picard's voice in your head?

On a more serious note, Stewart has often spoken about civil rights, he once said, "From my earliest years as an actor I have always been proud of the support the creative community gives to all forms of human and civil rights,"

In fact, Patrick Stewart is no stranger to fighting the good fight, the actor has been a vocal opponent of domestic violence (working with Amnesty International) and he is also a patron for Refuge, a UK-based charity for abused Women.

... And no, he isn't dead.

Want to locate the original piece take a lookhere

Essential Services, Crucial Technology, Radios at Oil & Fuel Plants


Oil and gas are natural resources, but obtaining them isn't as simple as planting a seed in a patch of arable land. Today, hundreds of thousands of miles of oil and gas pipeline run all over the world, sometimes covering some of the most inhospitable environments known to man.

Pipelines that run above ground offer many advantages to oil & gas companies. They are cheaper to build, easier to repair, far simpler to maintain and a lot safer for the environment. However, that same environment also has no qualms about wreaking havoc on the lines, neither do politically motivated saboteurs or occasional wanton vandals who commonly make their presence felt in such places. A pipeline is a complex and intricate operation, which means that in order for everything to go right, nothing can be allowed to go wrong.

Keeping such sites clean, safe and secure is a demanding job. If you built one in an urban city centre it would be hard enough, but placing a pipeline in an extreme environment is a job so tough that only a very few select people are cut out for it.

For a job like that, communication is key. It is vital that all aspects of the pipeline are monitored, kept safe and guarded by highly trained professionals. So, in order for all functional teams to stay in contact, react, if need be, to technical faults and generally keep pipeline operations running smoothly, two-way radios are needed.

More reliable than a mobile, less clumsy than a net connection, two-way radio technology is tried, tested and true. Durable, strong outward exteriors are perfect for unforgiving environments such as heavy snow or storms at sea, while a simple, easy to use device is always best in cases of emergency.

Then, there's reliability. Two-way radios are pretty much always reliable. There's no worrying about signal strength (unless atmospheric conditions are particularly severe) and no ambiguity as to whether of not the user has been heard and understood by the intended recipient. Signal transfer is instantaneous (or, in the case of digital radios, as good as), so you can get direct up-to-the-second information, at any time.

Two-way radios are a massively important factor in the steady, safe and efficient refining of natural oils and gases into vital, everyday products and services. Without two-way radios, obtaining such treasures might prove next to impossible, as well as incredibly dangerous.

the origin of this post ishere

Bluetooth in Your Ears? Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones


Envisage if you can, a pleasing trip to the shops on the hot summer's day. This isn't a stress crammed, hunger-motivated excursion to that local supermarket followed with the bitter discovery how the bastards have put their prices up AGAIN...I said this was a nice trip. You head out into the warm, dazzling summer daylight seeking milk, some eggs and maybe a little treat for yourself. You slide your iPod from your pocket and...and...Wait a minute, the wires all jumbled up.

Hold on.

Gimme a moment.




By time you've untangled the cables, you are no longer in a pleasant mood for the stroll, you've abandoned that spur-of-the-moment journey to that playing field you're toying with and also you do not desire to hear any music at all. In reality, it is too damned hot for just about any of that. You do not wish for a nice, nourishing tossed garden salad or Spanish omelette for dinner, you will just swing by local grease trap on the way home. Likewise, there's bills to pay and housework to accomplish and advice to see using your partner. Have you even cancel the journey to the shops altogether. The milk is not that lumpy in the end and you may make a perfectly serviceable Spanish omelette out of flour, water and spaghetti hoops, right?

Avoiding this sort of thing occouring to you, you may want to try guided deliberation, treatment, or self help guides that can inhibit little such things as a jumbled headset cable sending you spiralling into a bottomless, dark depression. But, if you can't be troubled with that New Age hocus pocus, then why not get yourself a set of Bluetooth over-ear headphones?

Bluetooth in-ear headphones do not require a cable, all you need to do is slide the tiny beauties from the compartment, pop them into your ears and enjoy the ride.

Imagine our little sun-dappled situation again, now not including the cable debacle.

Your stroll is enjoyable and comfy, the hot sun gently caresses your face and here does not appear to be a cloud in the sky. A gorgeous associate of the opposite sex smiles at you (no doubt drawn to your magnificent range of headphones) and everything appears right within the world. Perhaps a tossed garden salad becomes dinner and dancing? Perhaps a quick flutter on the lottery becomes a mansion and a pool house. Who knows?

I will freely confess that none of the situations above are mainly likely, but, I will also say that using a pair of Bluetooth in-earheadsets, at the least the cables won't pod/ get jumbled in your pouch and annoy you on the day by day basis. That has to be worth a little, right?