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Police forces in several districts across Phnom Penh are reporting problems sending and receiving messages using their walkie-talkies, with noise and irritating sounds, such as dogs barking, appearing on channels used for normal communication.

Phnom PenhMin Sovanna, director of the radio communications department at the Ministry of Interior, said investigators are looking into the matter. He said that the current technology is out of date and may not be sufficiently secure.

About 20 years ago we installed the system for $2 million and it still is in use now. The old system now cannot be secure, but we lack money to upgrade to the digital system.

He believes that someone is using the same frequency numbers for the walkie-talkies and is tuning into them, though they may not be doing it with the express purpose of scrambling police communications.

Installing a better version could cost millions of dollars, he added, with each new walkie-talkie costing about $1,000 to $2,000.

Reang Putheara, a police official in Chamkarmon district's Boeung Keng Kang III, said the harassment really disturbs police work . He has heard dogs barking on normal frequencies.

This group, if they are arrested, we cannot forgive them.

Lieutenant General Kirt Chantharith, spokesman for the National Police, confirmed the problem, and said that while police have been unable to find the source of the attack, they are investigating.

Sooner or later we will find them. They make harassment especially when we have big events. he said. Now police forces use the walkie-talkie by changing its code number to avoid harassment.

If, in fact, police communications are being intentionally disrupted, it comes during an upswing in attacks on government communications.

Since late April, authorities have arrested a total of four people believed to be members of Anonymous Cambodia, the local chapter of the global hacktivist group, and accused them of hacking into government websites. All four are in detention awaiting trial.

Anonymous Cambodia's Facebook page over the past week contains posts about taking certain government websites offline including the national police website but does not mention involvement in the walkie-talkie harassment.

the source of this article is here

PDV Raises $218M, Will Launch 2-Way Radio Network


Pacific DataVision Inc. said on Tuesday that part of the $218 million in equity funding it recently raised will go toward the purchase of Sprint Corp.'s spectrum licenses, as PDV works to launch a two-way radio network for businesses.

PDV, which is run by the co-founders of Nextel Communications Inc., said it has agreed to buy all six of Sprint's 900-megahertz spectrum licenses. According to a Tuesday press release from PDV, upon the completion of the deal with Sprint, it will focus on developing a walkie-talkie-style service for small and medium-size businesses.

The Paterson, New Jersey-headquartered company said it has already received approval for the service which will be offered primarily through Motorola Solutions Inc.'s authorized dealer network from the Federal Communications Commission.

"With the availability of Motorola Solutions' digital radio technology, we see an opportunity to incorporate PDV's proprietary cloud-based mobile resource management solutions into a next generation offering for businesses," Brian McAuley, chairman of PDV and one of Nextel's co-founders, said in a statement on Tuesday. "These solutions increase productivity through the delivery of real-time information from and about mobile workers to their managers."

Motorola Solutions will lease a portion of the spectrum from an undisclosed PDV subsidiary, PDV said.

Morgan O'Brien, who serves as PDV's vice chairman and who co-founded Nextel with McAuley, echoed the sentiments of his colleague in a Tuesday statement of his own.

"By acquiring Sprint's nationwide spectrum at 900MHz, we take on the challenge of making the most efficient use of that spectrum," O'Brien said. "The selection of Motorola Solutions' digital radio technology is the first step in that process. We will continue to explore ways to further improve spectrum efficiency."

John C. Pescatore, CEO of PDV, praised his "extraordinarily talented team of telecommunications industry veterans," in a statement, saying that they have helped propel PDV to be positioned to create the "largest private push-to-talk network in major markets throughout the United States."

PDV paid Sprint for its spectrum licenses in the form of $10 million worth of PDV common stock. The company said it recently raised more than $218 million in equity funding in a private placement with institutional investors.

FBR Capital Markets & Co. acted as the sole initial purchaser and placement agent. The identities of the rest of the investors were not disclosed.

McAuley and O'Brien co-founded Nextel, which was originally known as FleetCall, in 1987. In the early 2000s, Nextel which in 2005 would merge with Sprint made a name for itself with the introduction of push-to-talk technology that enabled its cellphones to be used as high-tech walkie-talkies.

PDV which in addition to its planned Nextel-esque two-way radio network develops mobile workforce communications and management solutions and provides customers with voice and photo documentation, GPS tracking and cloud-based management tools was born in 1998.

Representatives for Sprint and Motorola did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

Source - /578220/pdv-raises-218m-will-l aunch-2-way-radio-network

It Ain't Broke, So Don't Fix It: Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor Keeps Matt Smith's Screwdriver...And Leaked Photos Reveal a New Monster


Photographs (and a short video) have appeared online which apparently show that new 'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi will not have an updated sonic screwdriver for the latest series of the show (at least, not until episode 4, anyway)...The pictures also teased fans with images of a terrifying new monster.

The sonic screwdriver, a fictional piece of technology cherished by fans of the long-running British science fiction series, first appeared in the (now lost) 1968 story 'Fury From the Deep', starring Patrick Troughton as the eponymous Second Doctor.

Since that time, the screwdriver has been redesigned on numerous occasions. The first major screwdriver re-design occurred during the tenure of the Third Doctor (as played by Jon Pertwee).

Matt Smith, who portrayed the eleventh incarnation of the character from 2010 - 2013, received a brand new version of the device in his debut story 'The Eleventh Hour' in 2010. Prior to this, Tenth Doctor David Tennant and Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston had shared the same basic screwdriver design in their adventures. It is the Matt Smith-era version of the device that Capaldi appears to be using in the photographs/film.

The scenes being filmed in the photos apparently belonged to episode 3 of the newest series and were being shot by veteran 'Casualty', 'Brookside' and 'Hollyoaks' director Paul Murphy. The majority of the footage appears to feature multiple takes of Capaldi checking the screwdriver before anxiously running down a small alleyway.

...They also hinted at the introduction of a chilling new villain.

The un-named monster appears to be some sort of robot, with an angular, insectoid head and two glowing blue eyes. It seems to be a completely new character, although it is possibly a radical revision of an existing one. Only the head can be seen in the video, but it is enough to have fans speculating already.

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was officially named as the casting choice for the Twelfth Doctor in August of last year and put in a cameo in the 50th anniversary special 'The Day of The Doctor', before making his debut in full during the Christmas special episode 'The Time of The Doctor'.

The upcoming series (series 8 of the revived show) will feature Capaldi's first full episodes in the role.

Want to locate the original piece look here

Kirobo the Robot makes it's first steps in Space


Robots are in the news a lot lately. From Google's mysterious plans to do something vaguely robotic over the next ten years (we're not allowed to know exactly what), to Amazon's proposal to build flying drones for international deliveries, it seems that the metal munchkins are everywhere, but none are as cute, nor as interesting, as Kirobo.

Resembling a cross between a mid-90's SNES protagonist and an overgrown Lego man, Kirobo the robot stands at just 33CM tall (which is still positively gargantuan for a Lego man). His claim to fame? Kirobo is the world's first robot astronaut and is currently orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where he has been since August of this year.

Kirobo was designed and built during a collaboration between an advertising company called Dentsu, the University of Tokyo and car manufacturers Toyota. He was designed as a companion for Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who is perhaps best known as the first Japanese person to command the ISS.

Kirobo's creators hope that the diminutive robot will provide emotional support to Wakata, providing interesting sociological data regarding whether robotic companions can comfort individuals who are subjected to long periods of isolation.

Kirobo has been specially designed to navigate zero gravity environments, he can also speak and understand spoken commands. In fact, Kirobo has many of the same properties as a smartphone in that he can record video and make (very) long distance calls (although his high score on 'Juice Cubes' is not yet a matter of public record). Kirobo's facial recognition software means that he can recognise and react to certain individuals (presumably empathizing with their moods).

In addition to being a cutting edge piece of technology, Kirobo also appears to be of a friendly disposition, the little guy has already called us from space, saying, "My dream is to see human beings and robots live together as friends,"

Kirobo also reportedly requested Wakata's presence at the station, saying "I really want to see you soon", he'll be waiting a long time, however, as Wakata is not due at the ISS for about eleven months.

the source of the post ishere

NASA Confirms Liquid Water on Saturn's Moonell


A major scientific discovery was made this week as scientists uncovered overwhelming evidence indicating the presence of a 'great lake' on Saturn's moon Enceladus. The discovery is important because it marks Enceladus as being a possible site for life existing outside of our own planet.

Initially, icy material was seen being squirted into space from an odd 'striped' pattern on the moon's southern pole. It was theorized that this material was water being ejected from a large body of liquid H20 on the moon's surface. This week, measurements from NASA's Cassini probe revealed the water's gravitational signal, effectively confirming the theory. The Cassini probe even sampled the water as it was ejected into space.

Professor Luciano Less, of the Sapienza University of Rome, who was interviewed on the subject by BBC news, said, "The measurements that we have done are consistent with the existence of a large water reservoir about the size (volume) of Lake Superior in North America,"

To add context to this statement, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface and the third largest in the world by volume. It reaches depths of 147 metres and has an approximate volume of 12,000 Km3. It also plays home to over 80 different species of fish.

Data extracted from the probe suggests that the water is about 40km underneath Enceladus' icy surface.

Enceladus is locked in an eccentric orbit around its parent planet; this means that the moon's orbit is non-circular and it therefore follows that Saturn's gravity will have the effect of melting the ice in some places and freezing any liquid found in others.

There are a lot of places in our solar system that possibly house liquid water, but not as many where that water can come into contact with rock. Rock is important because rocks release minerals and salts into the water - and these materials are among the key building blocks of life.

Professor Andrew Coates of the UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory was also interviewed for BBC news, he remained positive regarding the possibility of microbal life on Enceladus. Prof Coates said, "I think Enceladus has gone to the top of the charts in terms of a place where there could be life. (...) It's got several of the things which you need for life - there's certainly the presence of heat, there's liquid water in this ocean, there's organics and that type of chemistry going on. (...) The only question is, has there been enough time for life to develop?"

However, as Professor David Stevenson, from the California Institute of Technology, pointed out "we don't know whether the ocean is beinghere or is freezing up". It is theoretically possible that the great body of water confirmed this week has been there for 100 million years, but it is also potentially a far more recent development. At present, no one knows for sure.

Want to find the original article look Here

Why Does One Earphone Typically Stop Functioning Before the Another?


There are many reasons for this familiar (yet absurdly nauseating) phenomenon. By and large, however, it's simply due to that loose wire which enable it to often be set by pushing the wire towards the earpiece and, if needs be, fixing it into place with a little electrical tape, super glue, or some other bonding agent.

Occasionally, if the earpieces have an inline volume wheel, that can be the source. That one is slightly difficult to mend, but you could possibly always try the 'wire trick' described above and see if it works. If not, then open the volume controls and re-solder the cables into place (be warned, this will invalidate most warranties, so if the 'phones continue to be covered, just send 'em back and acquire replacements).

To avoid stuff like this occouring in the future, it is highly recommended to wrap your cables carefully and to avoid stressing your headphones. No, I don't mean you should give Motorhead a break and just play floaty, soothing New-Agey songs on them, I mean you shouldn't have them within your back pocket whenever you sit down and you must detach them carefully out of your ears after use (this will sound evident, and you'd be surprised how some people just rip 'em out).

Another thing to look out for is the jack, if ever the cable is fraying/wearing around the jack, then that will also be a problem. Fortunately, like so many everything in life, a small amount of electrical tape can really come in helpful, just make sure all of the copper wiring is tightly bound and it should return to normal usage in no time.

Sometimes, however, it is simply a sign these earpieces are knackered and no quantity of brainy tinkering can repair them. Usually, in these cases, the challenge is inside. This particular variant on the trouble also attacks earpieces of any price range, be they Poundland specials or your year old Sennheiser Eargasm series. I'm reminded of a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet, something about a king and the guts of a beggar, but I can't be bothered to look the entire thing up right now. You get the purpose I'm attempting to make though, everything dies eventually, regardless of just how much it cost you.

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