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enCan a new Kwood Radio always be used to Communicate using a Motorola Radio?


To answer your question (that is, after all, why I'm here): It depends entirely on which models you are planning to use. For example, if you had two PMR446 variants that were both on the same band, they ought to work fine (even if one was Kenwood and the other was Motorola).

If two radios are the same basic type and set to the same channel, then I don't personally see why they wouldn't work. However, if they aren't of the same type, then they probably won't work, it's that simple.

Two-way radio technology is both simpler than you'd think it would be and more complicated than it first appears (if that makes sense), so its always best to make sure you have access to good kit that is easy to use. Personally, (if it is at all possible for you) I'd suggest spending out a bit and getting a new set, I'll explain why below...

Your question does incur a dangerous element, so I feel I'd better warn you. Make sure that you understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your license covers the frequency you are using. For most of the frequencies you'd likely to be using in order to connect the two devices, a special license is required. Transmitting without a license is a serious crime and you could spend up to two years in prison.

As 'Robert J' from 'Yahoo! Answers', suggests, the reason it's considered to be so serious an offence is because you can actually endanger lives by interrupting radio transmissions from ambulances or police cars. I hate to sound like a square here, but in this instance, the rules exist for a reason.

Anyway, you really need to do your homework on this one and it may actually turn out to be easier and cheaper for you to just buy a new set of radios from either Kenwood or Motorola. If you were running a business, I'd go as far as to actually recommend you take this step.

However, if you're only using the radios for personal projects, then provided you check them out and stick to the rules, you shouldn't have a problem.

you can find more info from this site Here

Are PS4 games improving or is it just me?


Where do the latest Playstation 4 games sit on the Pantheon of the Playstation 4? Let's have a look-see.

old chum.

"Well, with a little trepidation I've finally done it" the update read "I've bought my own detached house. It has all appliances I could need and a beautiful thatched roof"

Only a little bit older than I am and we're both writers, only he's had a bit more success than yours truly. I didn't know he'd had that much success, however. It was nice to see him doing well. Was employed as a street sweeper, which meant he got to see his friends all day. Lunch times from my college course and hang out with him, watching the girls go by and talking crap, it was fun. He moved away and I only met him a few years later, whilst we were on the same train. Working as writers. I went to offer my congratulations until I realized I'd been had by two words. Dweeb he is.

The point is that its not just Bob who had a good time with his PS4 games last year. Around half my mates had their social lives decimated by Skyrim. With its immersive mix of story. Once a week Wednesday when I braved the elements to grab my comics for the week, I'd be met with a giant bust of a Barbarian holding aloft an axe, his face contorted by a soundless bloodthirsty howl presumably emanating from under his helmet. Found him in at least one electronic store (I think it was Currys).

Another big release that deserves mention in our list of latest PS4 games, especially since the half of my friends not eliminated by Skyrim succumbed to. Gamers are obviously still buying it, which might not. Might annoy F1 fans who get confused and buy it by mistake. Its the next version along from the last release. It sold well, but I can't say it's hugely better than FIFA11.

Another big seller of 2011. I think it involves sake and a forceful reach around), much less an 'ultimate' edition (maybe the sauce is flammable?. I can't stand Dragon Ball Z. Get into that show? previous. Madder. Dispatches him. The end. And it only took ten episodes. What's that? Oh, the game? {I have no idea, I got sidetracked|Distracted|Taken off on a tangent...Madder.


Apple Announces iPhone 5s-The Most Forward-Thinking Smartphone in the World


Update - So all the rumours and speculation is right, apple have announced the latest version of their iphone, the iphone 5s. With fingerprint sensor (Touch ID), an enhanced camera along with a faster A7 microprocessor, with an announcment of iOS 7 coming later in the month, have apple unvieled to us a radical new phone or have they merely restructured the apple iphone 5?

Apple today announced iPhone 5s, the most forward-thinking iPhone yet, featuring an all-new A7 chip, making iPhone 5s the world's first smartphone with 64-bit desktop-class architecture for blazing fast performance in the palm of your hand. iPhone 5s redefines the best smartphone experience in the world with amazing new features all packed into a remarkable thin and light design, including an all-new 8 megapixel iSight camera with True Tone flash and introducing Touch ID , an innovative way to simply and securely unlock your phone with just the touch of a finger. iPhone 5s comes with iOS 7, the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone, engineered for 64-bit technology and featuring hundreds of great new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop , enhanced Photos, Safari , Siri and iTunes Radio .

"iPhone 5s is the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world, delivering desktop class architecture in the palm of your hand"

"iPhone 5s is the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world, delivering desktop class architecture in the palm of your hand," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "iPhone 5s sets a new standard for smartphones, packed into its beautiful and refined design are breakthrough features that really matter to people, like Touch ID, a simple and secure way to unlock your phone with just a touch of your finger."

The all-new A7 chip in iPhone 5s brings 64-bit desktop-class architecture to a smartphone for the first time. With up to twice the CPU and graphics performance, almost everything you do on iPhone 5s is faster and better than ever, from launching apps and editing photos to playing graphic-intensive games-all while delivering great battery life. Apple also engineered iOS 7 and all the built-in apps to maximize the performance of the A7 chip. iPhone 5s is the best mobile gaming device with access to hundreds of thousands of games from the App Store , the A7 chip's 64-bit architecture and support for OpenGL ES version 3.0. iPhone 5s delivers incredibly rich and complex visual effects, previously only possible on Macs, PCs and gaming consoles.

Every iPhone 5s includes the new M7 motion coprocessor that gathers data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass to offload work from the A7 for improved power efficiency. Developers can also access new CoreMotion APIs that take advantage of M7, so they can create even better fitness and activity apps that go well beyond what other mobile devices offer. The M7 motion coprocessor continuously measures your motion data, even when the device is asleep, and saves battery life for pedometer or other fitness apps that use the accelerometer all day.

iPhone 5s introduces Touch ID, an innovative way to simply and securely unlock your iPhone with just the touch of a finger. Built into the home button, Touch ID uses a laser cut sapphire crystal, together with the capacitive touch sensor, to take a high-resolution image of your fingerprint and intelligently analyze it to provide accurate readings from any angle. Setting up Touch ID to recognize your fingerprint is easy, and every time you use it, it gets better. The Touch ID sensor recognizes the touch of a finger so the sensor is only activated when needed, preserving battery life. All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Enclave inside the A7 chip on the iPhone 5s; it's never stored on Apple servers or backed up to iCloud . Touch ID can also be used as a secure way to approve purchases from the iTunes Store , App Store or iBooks Store .

iPhone 5s makes it even easier to take great photos with the world's most popular camera. The all-new 8 megapixel iSight camera features a larger f/2.2 aperture and a new, larger sensor with 1.5 pixels for better sensitivity and low-light performance, resulting in better pictures. These improvements, along with the Apple-designed image signal processor in the A7 chip and the new Camera app in iOS 7, provide up to two-times faster auto-focus, faster photo capture, automatic image and video stabilization, and better dynamic range. iPhone 5s introduces the new True Tone flash-the world's first for any camera-that variably adjusts color and intensity for over 1,000 combinations, so photos taken with a flash appear more natural. iPhone 5s also includes a new Burst Mode, Slo-Mo video with 120 fps, a new FaceTime HD camera for better low-light performance and audio-only FaceTime calls with iOS 7.

iPhone 5s features a remarkable thin and light, precision-crafted design that customers around the world love, including an anodized aluminum body with diamond cut chamfered edges, a stunning 4-inch Retina display and glass inlays. iPhone 5s is available in three gorgeous metallic finishes including gold, silver and space gray. To complement iPhone 5s, Apple designed premium leather cases in six rich colors-beige, black, blue, brown, yellow and (RED)-with soft, color-matched microfiber lining.

iPhone 5s makes it even easier to connect to high-speed networks with support for up to 13 LTE wireless bands, more than any other smartphone in the world. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps , you can browse, download and stream content even faster. iPhone 5s includes dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support for up to 150 Mbps and Bluetooth 4.0. iPhone 5s delivers an amazing 10 hours of talk time on 3G networks, up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi and LTE networks and up to 8 hours on 3G networks, and up to 10 hours of video playback and up to 40 hours of audio playback.

iPhone 5s comes with iOS 7, the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone, engineered to support the A7 chip's 64-bit architecture, the new iSight camera and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. iOS 7 features a stunning new user interface, completely redesigned with an elegant color palette, distinct, functional layers and subtle motion that make it feel more alive. iOS 7 has hundreds of great new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri and introduces iTunes Radio, a free Internet radio service based on the music you listen to on iTunes . en_US/iPad_User_Guide.pdf

iPhone 5s customers have access to the revolutionary App Store, which offers more than 900,000 apps to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in 155 countries around the world. More than 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store to date, offering customers an incredible range of apps in 23 categories, including newspapers and magazines in Newsstand, games and entertainment, business, news, sports, health and fitness and travel.

Designed specifically for iOS, iPhoto , iMovie , Pages , Numbers and Keynote are among the most popular apps in the App Store and are now available as free downloads with the purchase of iPhone 5s. iPhoto and iMovie enable you to do more than you ever thought possible with your photos and movies, and with Pages, Numbers and Keynote you can create, edit and share stunning documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Pricing & Availability en_US/iPad_User_Guide.pdf

iPhone 5s comes in gold, silver or space gray, and will be available in the US for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 16GB model and $299 (US) for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the 64GB model. iPhone 5s will be available from the Apple Online Store (, Apple's retail stores, and through AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and select Apple Authorized Resellers. iPhone 5s cases will be available in beige, black, blue, brown, yellow and (RED) for a suggested retail price of $39 (US) through the Apple Online Store (, Apple's retail stores and select Authorized Apple Resellers. iPhone 5s will be available in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK on Friday, September 20. A new iPhone 4S 8GB model will also be available for free. iOS 7 will be available as a free software update starting on Wednesday, September 18 for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation). Some features may not be available on all products.

Future Tech: The Dermal Regenerator


A prop oft mentioned and seen in 'Star Trek' from 'The Next Generation' onwards, the dermal regenerator is a wonderful little slice of 24th century medicine.

Usually depicted as a small, handheld device that emits a miniature laser beam, the Regenerator is used to heal minor flesh wounds, fix scars and repair trauma that would otherwise require stitches.

As far as I know, the theoretical underpinnings of this amazing device are never discussed, so I have no idea how it is supposed to work (unlike warp drive, which is powered by a matter/anti matter reaction, just in case you wondered).

Why we want it:

Can you imagine never needing to have stitches or never having to painfully heal up after a nasty run in with a kitchen knife? Moreover, can you imagine a world where serious injuries, 3rd degree burns or facial scars could be treated permanently, in a matter of seconds?

Many painful minor injuries would be rendered completely harmless and hospitals would get through most of their A&E in-patients in a matter of minutes.

When can we expect it?

Dermal regeneration technology is actually not as far away as we might think.

A few years ago, scientists pioneered what they called a 'skin cell gun' as a method for treating burn victims. This little doohickey literally sprays stem cells taken from the victim onto the inflamed skin.

While a skin graft can be prone to infection, take ages to heal and involve a long and agonizing recovery process, the skin cell gun can replicate a successful skin graft in a matter of days, completely removing the need for surgery.

The skin cell gun can be used to treat second-degree burns, as it relies on the body's natural healing abilities and works with existing skin cells. It is, however, not quite at the level of Star news/regional/213851-star-trek -device-that-heals-skin-instan tly-could-soon-be-used-by-astr onauts-on-iss.html Trek's favourite medical tool.

The gun cannot be used to treat third-degree burns, for example, because they strip away both the epidermis and dermis skin levels, leaving the cells nothing to work with. In addition, the gun can only be used on fresh burns.

There are other drawbacks too, leading to the skin cell gun's status as 'not yet approved' by the FDA. Principally, the device is still relatively untested and no one knows what sort of long-term future the repaired skin may have.

On the upside, J rg C. Gerlach, inventor of this amazing device, has also been able to demonstrate that the newly grown skin cells actually go on to become fully functional in every way, forming epidermis, dermis and even new blood vessels. The new skin also better matches the original pigmentation of the victim.

It is hoped by many in the scientific community that a similar method as that used by the skin cell gun may also one day be used to grow replacement organs for those in need of a transplant.

Star Trek's dermal regenerator may yet be a convenient fiction, but the prototype for it exists in the here and now, with extremely promising results. Will a technology that closely resembles the ones used by Beverly Crusher and her colleagues in the 24th Century be available in the real world one day? It certainly looks likely, I'm happy to say.

Cool Factor: 4/5

Nothing says progress like laser beams that re-grow injured skin in a matter of seconds. Imagine the amount of people who's suffering would simply cease. Here's hoping that we eventually see this device in action (or not, as the case may be, given that I'd probably have to endure a painful injury in order to do so).

Want to find the original article look here

What will happen if these guys used a hard drive


Toward the back of '08, in a small Cambodian town called Phnom Penh (No idea of a pronunciation) a couple separated following an 18-year marriage. Nothing thrilling in that, you would possibly think, but it was the way they did it that had web forums busy.

They slash their bloody home in half. Honestly, you can look it up. We will remain here...

Found it? Mental, right? Now, far be it from us all to base our entire sales pitch on an editorial we found on the web at, nevertheless it really got us thinking. It got us thinking that if they had a working laptop or computer, say, with all their personal files (business, tunes, movies and etc) then it'd have been slashed in half too.

Apart from the storage that hard drives release, which is probably a hard drives greatest features, hard drives will duplicate and keep secure all data you have to store. So, even as the couple's DVDs were most likely a total disaster area (I can imagine the husband virulently bellowing "What the hell am I going to do with a partial a copy of 'The Bourne Ultimatum', you b*tch!?") the downloaded Seinfeld episodes on his hard drives would probably have escaped detection.

hard drives back stuff up. hard drives keep things safe. hard drives are handy and convenient, but most of all, they are notoriously difficult to saw through, mainly if you've just taken a hedge trimmer to the coffee table.

If we didn't have a planet with hard drives where would we be?


We live increasingly virtual lives. As I type this, my external hard drives are home to a library of music, books in PDF form, several movies and my every photo I've taken in the last five years.

Once upon a time, floppy discs were adequate enough to store all data, which could be retrieved as and when needed. Now, however, with computers enhancing so much of our daily lives, the storage capacity required is simply too much.

Unless you're expecting to build an extra wing of your house from CD-Rs, you need external hard drives. If your computer is lagging (by which I mean taking so long to open a document that you can hear it chugging and whirring as it listlessly longs for death during the ten minutes required to perform this simplest of functions) then you should probably buy external hard drives.

The benefits of an external hard drives are numerous. In addition to backing up all your irreplaceable stuff (baby photos, home movies et al) external hard drives will give your computer a new lease of life.

If you have documents you don't need to see every day (that steamy romance novel you've been working on, for example), then external hard drives are for you. You can store your band's demos on your external hard drives now and recover them years later for nostalgia (or blackmail) purposes. Why not organize your own desktop a little more?

Have we finally discovered the solution to our 'after death' experience?


A brand new scientific research has suggested that dying rats go through an abnormal rush of intense neural motion throughout their last moments of existence. This amplified brain operation may be consistent with (and thusly clarify) Human accounts of near or after death experiences, as reported by many people around the world.

Nearly a fifth of all individuals who have survived a cardiac arrest have reported having an 'After Death Experience' or ADE. This is quite an alarming statistic, principally as ADE tends to use a profound effect within the existence of the survivor. Having an ADE is seen by many as irrefutable evidence of an spirit world or perhaps a continuation of the person's soul after passing away.

Similarly, a 'Near Death Experience' (or NDE) is believed being comparable to an ADE, but clearly happens while the patient remains to be technically alive. Most people who encounter NDE's report a floating sensation or 'From Body Experience' (OBE), as well as encounters with angels, deceased family and cherished ones. Both NDE and ADE survivors regularly portray traversing an extended tunnel in direction of an intense light.

Deliberations of life after death appear in early scriptures, archaeological sites and several following works of philosophy and also have fascinated (and frightened) Persons, no matter of creed, ethnic group or culture, since time immemorial.

After convalescing from a surgical procedure in 1979, Jazmyne Cidavia-DeRepentigny of Hull, Georgia, USA, reported a typical NDE story that was finally published in the book 'Beyond The Light' by P.M.H Atwater in 1994. Like some people, Jazmyne recounts information of her surgery that might be very hard to get were she lying.

Jazmyne claims that "I was suspended over my body. I could see and listen to all that was being said and done. I left the area for a minute and returned to where my corpse lay. I knew why I died. It was because I could not breathe. I had a tube along my throat and the health staff did not have an oxygen mask on my nostril. I had also been given excessive sedative".

She went to explain her attempts to get rid of the tube from her throat in a relatively traumatic account.

Prior to that aforementioned study, it was accepted fact that brain activity ceases once the heart stops. This has now been demonstrated as being untrue, at least as far as rats are concerned. It's also the strongest presumption to this point concerning the causes of ADEs, OBEs and NDEs.

One of those scientists responsible for these results, Dr. George Mashour of the University of Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA said the team was "surprised with the high degrees of motion" within the rats. "In fact, at near-death numerous known electric signatures of consciousness exceeded degrees found within the waking state, signifying the brain is able of well-organized electrical activity over the initial phase of clinical death." He said.

The team's lead scientist, Dr. Jimo Borjigin added that "This report tells us that reduction of oxygen or both oxygen and glucose throughout cardiac arrest can stimulate neural activity that is characteristic of mindful processing,"

However, Dr. Martin Coath on the University of Plymouth, UK was slightly critical of the team's findings.

Dr. Coath said that, because the rats were anaesthetized, the findings better demonstrated the unconscious brain's reaction to a life-threatening deficiency of blood flow and oxygen. He also said the study hadn't essentially proved that any 'sensitive cognizant processing' had in reality taken place, signifying that the wording of that conclusion was "a bit of a stretch". He commented that, while the consequences were "genuinely interesting" they were as well "hardly amazing".

The outcomes of the report will little doubt be of great importance to many within the scientific kinship, also as religious groups, those interested in the mystical and people who have experienced an ADE or NDE.

Move and control your favorite character with just you hands, if you purchase a kinect


Looking for a place to Buy kinect? This is the site for you. This awesome website has got you covered.

Ah January. That month where the wheel of the year turns anew, where everything starts again (usually with dried chunder and a mountain of carpet cleaner), where you make all orate/ouroffices/ those unfeasible promises to yourself. I usually swear to read one classic work of literature a day whilst lifting weights every five minutes, but end up 'just finishing off those last chocolate raisins' (to remove any future temptation, you understand) and re-reading the latest Green Lantern trade (in order to really 'get to grips' with the story). The other thing January is good for is getting out and spending someone else's money.

No, I'm not talking about identity theft, I am in fact referring to the only other way to get large sums of money from people you don't actually know; Christmas money, that wonderful goldmine of wonga that you're supposed to spend selfishly and can totally justify completely wasting on video games, comic books and all those classic works of literature you plan to read. Auntie Gladys gave you 20, which was nice of her...Now if only you knew who she was. Uncle Joseph and Auntie Beryl have given you 50 quid. You promise to say 'thank you' but you never get round to it, its not like Auntie Gladys has Facebook.

So, it's January, where things are down in price and it's a winter wonderland just waiting to be plundered by you and your newfound wealth. You scrape the puke 6_build-home-entertainment-sys tem-computers.html from the walls, grab your coat from Uncle Bertram and hit the electronics stores. When you get there, you find yourself disappointed The prices aren't actually that cheap at all!. In fact, the game you want has sold out.

So you come home, muttering under your breath and wondering where the best place is to Buy kinect, you put those exact terms into Google and now here we are having a nice chat, like old friends. Let me assure you once again that you've come to the right place, for the best bargains, best advice and best offers, look no further than this very site. Now you can order your Kinect and sit back with a warm cup of tea, or better yet start spring cleaning early.

Well, you did a crap job of cleaning up that sick, check the wall behind you. It's right there on the Paisley pattern, also, Paisley? What were you thinking? You're lucky I wasn't sick too!

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Find out why you have to be purchasing Grand theft auto V on release day


In the gritty universe of city street crime, rival gangs and gangsters battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Though, inside the virtual planet of city street crime, just one name reigns supreme: GTA.

Now, with the new instalment intended for September 2013, the run is as robust as ever. GTA V will present a man-made world so large that open worlds of previous instalments Grand theft auto 4, Grand theft auto: San Andreas and Western adventure Red Dead Redemption possibly will all fit eft-Auto-V-Playstation-3/dp/B0 050SXKU4 comfortably in its limits. As if that wasn't sufficient, the digital world of Grand theft auto V even has its own environment and also whole ocean floor may be mapped and explored (if the gamer fancies a bit of a break from murdering people, that is). The level of detail and craftsmanship that Rockstar Games has gone to this time around is just stunning.

GTA 5 follows the wicked misadventures of three characters, each of whom can be operated by the player at any time. When you choose a different participant, the screen zooms upwards; 'Google Earth' style and plummets back down toward the site of our preferred ne'er-do-well.

Aside from that, almost every feature of GTA V has been overhauled. A hugely superior combat system (which includes incredible new aiming and shooting features) joins a complete retooling of yet the most basic Grand theft auto features. Do not fret though, they haven't jettisoned the series simple playability or relaxed gameplay, they've just made it better.

For instance, at everywhere in the title, now you can 'flip off' passers by (or even your allies). The NPC on the receiving end of this bad manners will respond in a variety of different ways, depending on the stipulated character data and the area they happen to be in.

However, for those of you vicious tyrants out there, don't despair. Grand theft auto hasn't turned into a sensitive feely digital nature documentary, or some sort of socially conscious advisory tale about not flipping folks off in public. Oh no (far from it, in reality). The Grand theft auto series has continuously been about the dark side of urban drama, the grim and gritty truth of life on the mean streets of the world's great urban development projects (well, that and running grannies over in Land Rovers, anyhow). GTA 5 isn't different, within the latest instalment, you will find all the blood, guts, gore, carnage and wanton destruction you've come to expect from this franchise. All that and much, much more...

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