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First Skin With The Main Iphone 4S


Some iMac owners have been finding lately that their computers were "assembled in the USA."Those U.S.-assembled machines have been few and far between -- most still have "assembled in China" tags. But Apple is planning for many more Mac computers to be made in the U.S. next year.

Earlier this month, the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were officially released. The 5s has faster A7 processor, better camera functionality and a fingerprint identification system. The 5c is a brand new direction for Apple. It was designed with a plastic shell. All of them will come pre-installed with the official version of iOS 7, which will be released today.

The new Verizon iPhone will connect on the CDMA network and will have standard features including FaceTime, a 5 megapixel camera and the retina display. The new Verizon iPhone 4 will also feature a 5 megapixel camera, HD video and "an integrated customer experience that's far beyond what anyone else is providing. From iOS, to iTunes, to the App Store" according to Apple i watch.

The talent Michael Jackson possessed is something that will probably be rivaled or eclipsed soon enough. But with today's access to Youtube and other similar sites, more than likely the samples of music/dance/acting will be leaked before the actual apple iwatch and the hype will be gone by the time it arrives. I'm positive it was the buildup and the eventual release of his videos and music that gave him the ability to possess the star power that he did. Being absolutely phenomenal didn't really hurt, but I think you get my point.

The launch of ipad mini shows the change of the tech giant. In case you don't remember, Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs publically refused the value of a smaller ipad. Now it's apple smart watch who decides which way Apple will go, and so here comes ipad mini. Let's straight thing out, what Steve did is providing what he wanted to users, but apple smart watch, on the other hand, is to offer what users like and want. Nevertheless, Apple is still trying to maintain its high-end image on the tech market, so the ipad mini is designed with a little bigger screen than the normal 7-inch tablets like Nook and Kindle Fire HD, and the price also goes a little higher than those ones.

Investors will need to keep the faith on Apple during the second and third quarters of 2011 and continue holding on to Apple shares. This is when Apple characteristically dips in revenue because there are no holiday sales drivers. The Bears will make a lot out of this drop in revenue. Just like they did in 2010. The Bears attributed, incorrectly, that the 2010-second quarter fall off in profits was all due to Apple "cannibalizing" their own iPod sales. This bearish argument even prevailed in the third-quarter, when the third-quarter was very high for a third-quarter. Finally, the bears will attribute the fall off in revenue to Apple falling to pieces without Steve Jobs. Do not worry about the revenue slumps. The second and third quarters slumps for Apple are seasonally in nature.

October Sixth 2012- This is the most most likely release date from the iPhone 5 as it is perfectly placed and even though nobody wants to delay one year for the iphone 3gs 5, this is the probably release date.

The Htc 1100 Wireless Phone


In the technological lifecycle of new products there are distinct stages, first a concept must be proven feasible. Then it must be shown that the idea can be sold and mass-produced in the market place. After these first two steps are achieved and production is accomplished then as the product becomes accepted the price begins to fall. Cell phones, microwave ovens, CD players all entered the marketplace with exorbitant prices but as they proved their worth the prices fell.

The 900 MHz Handies being made available now are 1 watt output, and require no licensing. They use a technology similar to cell phones called Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. But they do not use cell phone repeaters! They are strictly line-of-site same as FRS motorola 2 way radio and GMRS.

A GPS navigation system is a must for all truck drivers unless they are on a routine route. Truck drivers do not have time to pull over and look at a map while they are driving down the road. GPS navigation systems offer turn by turn directions visually and verbally so the truck driver never has to take his eyes off of the road.

Consider bundling your car with something else of value to a car buyer to sell your car faster. For example, offer a new GPS or CD changer with the purchase to sweeten the deal. A subscription to a satellite motorola 2 way radio might pique the potential buyer's interest. Offer to pay for the car buyer's vehicle history report to save him money.

The one two way radio is a God sent especially for any "runners" you might have. A couple hundred yards is nothing for most dogs to be gone in a blink of an eye.

Valuable metals such as gold or silver which in an emergency could be used for bartering. Keep in mind that these precious metals will only be worth anything at the beginning of the crisis. As things get worse food will quickly take their place as a valuable commodity. Have a large portion of your cash readily available in an emergency. Banks during a crisis situation will not give you your money.

Having all this gear will certainly not guarantee that you would become the best turkey hunter in the world, but they can help boost your chances of having a turkey dinner when you go home for the day.