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Four Cheap Ways to Promote Your Startup


Last Updated Oct 14, 2010 11:35 AM EDT

You've finished the business plan, filed the incorporation papers, and launched the Web site. In other words, your shingle is out. Now what? How can you get some exposure for your fledgling business, and do so on the internet search engine optimization shoestring budget you undoubtedly have?

Mashable editor Matt Silverman offers four suggestions in How to Earn Some Inexpensive Online Exposure for Your SMB. For starters, he says, bring your "story" straight to the media:

Bloggers and reporters are always hunting for interesting stories, products and companies to cover and discuss with their audiences. For news outlets and blogs that fosters very niche coverage, it's not organic search engine optimization always easy to find sources.

That's where media query services bing search engine like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) come in. It's a place where media pitches are sought out, which isn't always the case elsewhere.

Silverman also suggests starting a business blog -- and making sure to use search-optimized titles so the Google crowd is more likely to find your posts. (Around these parts we call that search-engine optimization, or seo search engine SEO.)

Another solid option: press-release distribution services like PRWeb, which for as best search engine optimization little as $80 will send out your release and give it some SEO polish.

I think Silverman covers all the basics quite well. Have you learned any other tricks of the SMB-promotion trade? If so, share 'em in the comments!

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Online Sales and Marketing Strategy


A good online sales and marketing strategy begins with an armed knowledge of the marketing basics, the product itself and smart, advanced planning. With so many resources and options available online, its easy to get lost in the jumble of things and not know where to start.

Sales and Marketing Basics

Before starting a marketing campaign, its important to be aware of the 4Ps of marketing: product, price, placement and promotion. A weak point in one area can search engine optimization chicago decrease chances of success, with the product acting as the foundation for the rest of the marketing mix. For instance, if the product itself is not appealing or valued because of the concept, quality or presentation (including packaging), no matter how well it is promoted, it wont be marketable.

So given that you have a good product and a price that customers are willing to pay, here are a few helpful tips and strategies on placement and promotion to help grow sales.

Online Placement Strategy

Placement is the location where the product can be purchased and how accessible it is. This includes the following:

Online Store. Your online store should be attractive and match your brand image and style. Look for other distribution channels including Amazon, which is a great selling opportunity that many merchants take advantage of.Blog. If your company doesnt already have a blog, use it to personalize a product and deliver it to the reader in a more different and cool perspective. Then link that product to the item and shopping cart so if they are interested, they can immediately purchase without having to work further to find the item. A company blog is also useful to hold contests and giveaways for readers, which creates very high interest.Search Engines. Get yourself noticed on search engines. If you dont know about search engine optimization (SEO), it may be worth it to hire a SEO specialist to get your website ranked naturally on the first page of all search engines. This is a great long-term marketing strategy that is worth implementing. When a academic search engines person types in a certain keyword on the search engine, if your site is ranked first, the probability of your link being clicked is very high.Online Promotion Strategy

Promotion is different from placement. It deals with publicizing, persuading and convincing the public to buy your product by speaking to their needs and wants.

Google Adwords / Facebook Ads. If budget allows, participate in Googles marketing and advertising program where you target ads on search engine sidebars and different websites where you pay per click (you set the price). And as another option, consider using Facebook ads to quickly add fans to your Facbook page. They may not search engine marketing company easily convert into sales, but it can be a good investment for the future.Newsletter. Make a spot on your homepage that allows visitors to sign up and subscribe to a newsletter. Use newsletters to make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly announcements on new products, exciting news, sales, events and exciting promotions. However, do not bombard them with emails or they may get annoyed and unsubscribe.Social media. Facebook and Twitter are a must in publicizing online since almost everyone uses them. Customers love to be an insider and be part of a community. Use these platforms to engage fans and ask questions in a fun and casual tone instead of professional. If your site has interesting articles, bookmark them on sites like,,, as well as and, if your products are suitable. Remember to include social media widgets on your website.Traditional media. If your target market loves reading a certain blog, newspaper or magazine, buy advertising space on their websites. Depending on the sites traffic, the costs may vary.To make sure your online sales and marketing strategies are working, use the free Google Analytics tool to assess traffic and sales growth. Its also worth it to conduct surveys with Facebook fans, random focus groups and ask for opinions around the office.


"International Marketing"; Philip Cateora and John Graham; 2005. The Marketing Mix

What is the definition of hospitality management?


Hospitality management is top search engine optimization the study and search engine seo practice of effectively running a business relating to tourism. It is becoming a more and more important field as the traveling and lodging industries continue to grow and competition increases.HistorySince travelers have always needed a roof to sleep under, the hospitality industry has existed in some capacity since the beginning of man.

FunctionHospitality management is essentially in place to make hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses run more smoothly and website search bring in higher profit margins. As these industries become more complex, more sophisticated search engine optimization cost levels of management are necessary.

ConsiderationsWithout effective hospitality management, there would be no standards for service increase search engine optimization in hotels, travel agencies or anywhere else.

MisconceptionsMany people are under the impression that hotels and restaurants are always independently operated and managed. In reality, most hotels and even restaurants are managed by corporations at a separate headquarters.

EducationThe majority of hospitality management positions require a college degree specific to the hospitality industry or an extensive amount of experience at the "ground level" or a hospitality business.

Source:Hotel Management: Term: Hospitality

Black Collegian Online: Hospitality Industry