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Great Success In SETTING UP At Tangshan Wanxing


Today, we started up the CO2 foam XPS production line of TDS95-TDD250 in Tangshan Wanxing whose project was the first among UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Corporation) projects implementing in China.

We started the mix of HFC, Hydrocarbon and co2, and we diminished HFC step by step until no then. Finally, it's plastic pelletizer only CO2 and Ethanol. The thickness from the panel stayed at 5cm that was the typical thickness of customer's product. They simply place the planks into shop straight.

This is a significant day to XPS industry in China. Successful setting up of the line opened up the curtain of HCFC phasing out plan applied by UNIDO. Just this collection by itself can reduce 600,000kg of HCFC usage which is equal to 126, 000 a great deal of carbon dioxide emission.

We are focused on providing the total solution and quality machines to HCFC phasing in XPS industry globally. For more information about CO2 foam in XPS table production, our experts wish to share our wealthy knowledge with you. Allow's take action.



USEON's extremely professional team often focuses on the ongoing advancement for twin screw extruders. Because the 1st China'ade high torque level twin screw extruder was installed in 2007, USEON has delivered a lot more than 400 pieces of powerful machines and today the series get to SAT. SAT series machines are exactly featured as it's label:


S-safety:AT series machines include sufficient safety protection systems to supply the best safety factor both in mechanical and electrical.

A-Accuracy:AT series machines are assembled with specific parts which are processed by unique CNC tools. The innovative CNC tools for screw kneading and elements blocks ensure the high accuracy kneading effect.

T-Torque:AT series machines are outfitted the USEON'ade high torque gearboxes. The purely'onitored methods with digital torque split trial provide the gearbox with high security aspect. All SAT series devices have specific torque element of 10.30Nm/cmv and higher, also you can find more rate available.

As a respected provider of polymer handling extrusion equipment, our group not merely has experience in devices design plastic recycling machines and manufacturing, but has affluent experience in polymer processing aswell. Our exploring and innovating spirits continues to be contributing to advancements of twin screw extruders' program. USEON' s solid technical history, multi functional lab center and 1strate apparatus will certainly meet up with your individual complex requirements.

SAT is able to achieve more delicate processing task newly, precise procedure control can match sophisticate and complicate handling purpose. Better dispersion, even more accurate heat control and higher throughput have been integrated and optimized further.

The perfect concept of the split'ransmitting principle continues to be successfully applied in USEON patented gearbox with the digital online monitoring system; each gearbox can be assembled with precise positioning for torque balance.

Because of our special CNC equipment for gearbox parts that ensures it is durability and great torque output. With 10.3Nm/cm3 specific torque, SAT meets mainstream Euro standard which means SAT could work under lower temperature with higher throughput.Screw elements

Precise screw elements made by CNC equipment provide SAT better intermeshing and personalpiping performance which guarantees the entire handling no dead part and better control in RTD (residence time distribution).

The ratio of outside inside and size diameter determines the free volume. SAT series extruders feature the wonderful self piping functions. Combining with screw torque and free of charge volume, the Perform/Di of SAT is optimized at 1.55 offering sufficient torque while stay enough free volume.

Except various screw geometry, we supply several components of screw elements for different processing purpose. We can also configure different screw materials in various control section.

Barrel elements

SAT adopts ingenious cooling channel design which gives more efficient cooling performance and less difficult maintenance. Modular style allows barrel series could be optimized with different barrel materials according to the characteristic of processing task.

To ensure the precision, almost all SAT barrels are processed by CNC machines. We have various barrel buildings to appeal to different feeding types, liquid injection and venting types.

Safety protection

SAT uses multi security system both in mechanical and electrical

M Torque limiter the overload security torque limiter applied for instant security for gearbox and extrusion models. This will be helpful for unexpected mechanical load protection.

M Precise swiftness difference control and sensors panel. There are two sensors between your motor aspect and gearbox part that may transfer digital sign to control program once any readable velocity difference between your both sides swiftness occurs.

M Overloading protection from the main motor driving unit.

EC compounder-Economic solutions

EC compounder series devices are specially designed for those users who want to make small to medium size compounding quantities. The EC series devices have the features of very easily'aintained, simple procedure concept, cost effective and user friendly.

The EC series machines have significant Cost/PERFORMANCE ratio.

The EC compounders are designed for a wide range of application within the polymer compounding industry:

Preparations of expert batches;

Engineered plastic;

Processing of TPE substances;

Processing of PVC compounding with tandem extruders.

TDY Counterrotating Twin Screw ExtrudersFor reaction and devolatilization specifically

In response and devolitilization extrusion, rich experience and Useon has lengthy tradition. The unique working concept of counter revolving twin screw extruder discovers a particular niche in extrusion process. We developed some particular screw barrels and elements to satisfy the individual control job.

Due to its exclusive working principle, the relative collection swiftness is low so that the material could be processed under suprisingly low shear pressure and fast exchange price of material start. The increased material surface area affiliates with vacuum system result in ideal devolitilization performance.

Pelletizing system

Strand die or spaghetti pelletizing program is suitable for some polymer compounding production, which features simple convenient maintenance, framework and easy procedure. The threshold of operators is also low. This program consists of strand perish, water bath, surroundings knife, strand pelletizer and vibrating classified. This functional system can be offered with auto packaging system

Water band pelletizing system

Water ring pelletizing system is wonderful for particular plastics, such as PE/PP/PS/EVA/TPU etc., etc. The ultimate pellet looks has and nicer good flowability. Relatively speaking, the length of production line can be shorter than strand expire. This system contains water ring pelletizer, water circulating program, dewater system and vibrating classifier. It can incorporate with auto packaging system.

Highlights Worthwhile To GIVE CONSIDERATION In Chinaplas Guangzhou 2015


Breakthrough graphite eps beads pelletizing line

EPS graphite beads pelletizing extrusion system has been mysterious and monopolized by European businesses. Useon is just about the first person to eat the crab in China. Useon has offered two lines to Stanley Tianjin and established the lines up and running for many weeks. Some performances of Stanley's PolyFoam graphite EPS plank has outstripped Neopor and Sunpor.

Useon can introduce this foam extrusion technology at Chinaplas. Except providing the complete pelletizing system, we also provide know-how and training curriculum to ensure clients to be able to run the relative collection properly.

Latest Family pet dry-free twin screw extrusion system

Before year, our Family pet dry-free direct extrusion system continues to be recognized by market place noticeably. Several top dominating suppliers of PET sheet line have established long-term plastic recycling machines strategic cooperation around. Twin screw direct extrusion is taking lead for PET processing that may save energy significantly and stream series the whole process flow chart.

Updated CO2 foam XPS production line

We may also introduce our newest CO2 foam XPS production line which help us gained the majority of tasks funded by UNIDO to phase-out HCFC utilization in XPS creation. We believe after having implemented this campaign, the rest XPS manufacturers outside of UNIDO tasks have to upgrade or replace their current XPS production line to catch up with the mainstream of the marketplace.

For more information details, welcome to stop by us in R31, Hall2.1.

BOPET extrusion program successfully continues to be approved


Our customer who's one of the biggest packaging material suppliers in China accepted our 1000kg/hr BOPET extrusion system.

This system consisted of two sets of SAT40 twin screw extruders and one group of SAT110 twin screw extruder that constituted a multi-layers BOPET extrusion system. This client also bought one group of SAT95 twin screw extruder for film margin recycle series from us.

Comparing with traditional sole screw extruder practice, twin screw extruder practice for BOPET may save electricity energy as much as 35%. This improvement substantially cut the processing cost by eliminating time-consuming and electricity pre-crystallization and pre-drying system. It conserve labor price and turnover period of pre-handling recycleables also.

The secret of the cutting edge is that twin screw extruder can outfit with high vacuum system which exposure the PET melt within the vacuum condition so long as possible in order to exhaust out the moisture and low molecular particles double screw extruder which will entail PET hydrolysis so the IV of PET will drop down. Solitary screw extruder is definitely impossible to equip with solid vacuum system without loss of output.

How to wthhold the fire retardant during XPS recycling-A discovery recycling way


Last week we launched a fresh XPS flakes and chips recycle machine successfully at customer's site in Beijing. This is an entire new recycle concept for the margins in the XPS production range.

Because of the pressure from conservation, CO2 foam XPS production collection is gaining surface. However CO2 foam requires co-blowing agent such as for example DME or ethanol etc. that are flammable. How to recycle the XPS margins without lack of single screw extruders flame retardant is a big problem besetting every XPS panel manufacturers.

Our initiative intelligently solves this issue. The chips and flakes from your margin from the XPS creation line or from your unqualified XPS boards will be conveyed to some feeding silo by surroundings.

These chips and flakes will be pushed into kneading extrusion system that may crush and compact it into semi-molten condition. Then the semi-molten lumps is going to be extruded into a heavy sheet which will come into a pelletizer to make it into little granules as in the picture.

Congratulations to successful launch of initial graphite EPS beads pelletizing line


One week before Chinese New Yr of Goat, we successfully launched our fist-sold graphite EPS beads pelleting series in Tianjin.

This line was purchased by Stanley (Tianjin) New Material Co.,Ltd. in 2014 August. Following the successful test operate at our stock in December 2014, they placed another two orders which can both yield 2000kg/hr. Stanley provides very strong self-confidence in graphite EPS market of North China. Among the positive factors is that Beijing will need the business lead in implementing 75% energy conservation standard on home buildings.

The graphite EPS insulating material is a good complementary materials to XPS boards. Actually, the essential of the graphite EPS beads pelleting collection is kind of similar to XPS extrusion procedure in part. Comparing with traditional white EPS blocks, graphite enriched EPS blocks can recycling extruder increase the R-value more than 20%. At the same R-value level, it can save material up to 50%. That is conducive towards the material logistic, construction and storage. Some construction design institute has taken it into consideration on the incipient style stage.

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