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Newly ECOFEL Polymer Foam Extrusion Lines


Leading the true way of innovation

Useon has been engaged in polymer extrusion handling products china plastic machinery R&D and production. From the initial high torque twin screw extruder towards the fastest EVA solar cell encapsulating film, and the largest China-made XPS production range, Useon continues to be leading the real way of creativity. Aspiring Useon team enhances your competitiveness with this initiatives. More than a quality machine supplier, Useon is certainly your dependable partner for long-term development.

Green may be the future

Everyone on this globe offers suffered the negative effect from environment change. Green method is gaining ground worldwide. For a few products, nongreen items are not recognized any more. Getting green is not only a continuing business, it's our responsibility as well.

For XPS item, every switch on profile of blowing agent has been getting close to green additional. The evolution background of blowing agent is really a recent background to be green. Every switch on collection developed a new challenge against devices. We have witnessed it and been leading the technology.

Advanced twin screw technology

Useon has introduced twin screw extruder into XPS production successfully. The introduction of a twin screw extruder into XPS creation is a significant development. The excellent dispersion and compounding efficiency of twin screw extruder helps CO2 disperse into polymers and distribute chemicals into molten polymers uniformly. Modular style makes the collection more flexible against recipe change or blowing agent transformation.

Innovative high-efficiency solitary screw cooling extruder

It really is well-known which the chilling is very critical for XPS production. We developed special chilling route for the barrel of solitary screw air conditioning extruder which not merely increase the air conditioning efficiency but additionally control the temperature even more accurate and precise. However, it optimizes the chilling process and more than enough pressure gradients for CO2 foam extrusion. This mixture is because USEON's serious understanding of extruders and long-term analysis in this field.

Supercritical CO2 metering system

Metering supercritical CO2 continuously and evenly is one of the most challengeable works. It involves precise temperature control, pressure control, mass stream control and correlation with various other digesting variables. The operation windowpane of CO2 foam is definitely narrower than traditional HCFCs so the CO2 injection is very critical. Our CO2 metering and convey system can offer regular quantity and steady pressure CO2 injection.

Full auto downstream

Vacuum raw material transport, loss-in-weight feeding, four-side edge trimming, online printing device, online embossing, surface planner, surface area groover, stacker, on-line packaging, central dust collection system and online margin recycling program, we offer world-class full automatic XPS production range.

Intelligent Control System

From data usage of recipe administration, from procedure log to alarm annotation, from peripherals extend to Ethernet or internet diagnose, our control program provides you a intelligent and full-automatic creation line, however help the production is managed by you. Friendly HMI makes the procedure easier than ever.

Wealthy experience in projection fulfillment

Useon has abundant knowledge in co-operation with international groupings and institute which help us find out the strict details of machines ?stability, safety and humanization setting. In huge capacity XPS line specifically, Useon offers unparallel privilege. This is actually the key point to accomplish the whole project.

Turn-key project

For XPS creation, having top quality devices is just a great beginning. We not merely deliver good machines, but provide tech support team comprehensively also, including various recipe for different products, start-up maintenance and training curriculum etc. We present you a turn-key task.

Lab for foam extrusion

In order to cooperate with customers to build up new material and new formula or new process, we launched our very own polymer foam extrusion lab middle. The lab center has one group of foam extrusion make use of twin screw extruder and some components. You don't need to be bothered to discover a foam extrusion lab machine; our well-equipped lab center is yours as well. And our experts would like to sign up for you to develop new formula and new procedure.

Useon has been engaged in polymer extrusion procedure and equipment. Today, Useon turns into a leading supplier of polymer extrusion gear. Intimate assistance with international group and institute make a whole lot of innovative idea become a reality and benefit our clients.

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