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Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: hollie showed eat something, when ya goin to bob, God said, Jesus appeared, hollie points, showed, eat, bobby, its, black planet, ministry of dreams, hollie said, angel appears, hes white, but background was black, hollie said, nsidebobhickman

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Male, Age Private, Indianapolis, IN

Posted July 30, 2013

Gods spirit entered me like a body my perfect size and showed me in visions: 7-29-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, hands out, fisted, burgundy sweatshirt on, God said, its uh, hollie said, she saw, its facebook friends, and its hammo, like angelic head, hollie came out, hes not happy, its, your causing, the great falling away, right now saith God, hollie sang like, its like woman on show, thats her, hollie danced like, is concrete blond, hollie slept, had covers to half way point, hollie salutes like, its heavier hollie, is r.m.s. lusitania, like uh shawdow, is happy diehard battery, its nine volt, hammo coming out, like angelic head of light, happy, its reuse bob, it said, coming out, more like, angel man, but hollie showed, not quite, bob, hollie showed, is facebook account, its hammo, but like same hollie, 7-30-2013-bob, hollie showed time, go, she said, its her, going to, and I stamp, its, hammo hollie, like angelic head, like egg, with face on, its bluish, with outlined features, hollie showed, its black planet, and its hammo, just like the other, saith the LOrd,

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