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A Story of Skreemtaztik Halloween


A short story by Queen Deleona ...There was this fella. A really nice fella, but he had no girl, to speak of... He wanted a girl, but who has the time? The workplace was no place, the bars were too far, and internet porn had somehow lost it's luster. He wanted a girl. He needed a girl, but he required her to be special. He's a nice guy. Exercises. Goes to work everyday.. He deserves himself something with someone special. Yeah, real special! He wanted her to be plump and cute with big tits and a juicy %#&@$!. She didn't have to be too enthusiastic or talkative, but she had to be a bit naughty... Okay, she had to be very naughty. She had to like doing all the wrong things. The right way! He was looking to do the missionary, but just not live like one! As he sat laughing aloud to himself and wishing for his dream girl, a bright yellow moon and a cool autumn wind brought a thump to this nice fellas's door As he unlocked the door, he heard a soft moan and a husky voice breathing It sounded almost like when a woman is in a good sleep after a good night of... "See what too much porn has got you thinking!", he murmurs to himself. It must be the neighbor's kids? "I betcha it's Joe's stupid %#&@$! tryin' ta be funny?", he continues to snort and mutter. It can't be that time of year already? The door is thumped again. This time the nice fella gets a little startled, but the moaning and the voice draw him in and that and a curious nature make him turn the knob. The phone rings, so he turns to answer it. As he remembered that he unlocked the door and had turned the knob to open it, he turns back to the door. He's walking back to the door and the phone messenger kicks in. "Yo man, don't answer your friggin' door,. Turn on your TV and get off the damn porn. This is serious! Don't answer your..." He shakes his head in disbelief. "Joe is not a quitter.", he thinks.The telephone goes out and the message ends, just as this nice fella makes it back to his door. It's been flung wide open, but no one is standing there. He calls out, looks around, and quickly shuts the door behind him. He hears "There's a Moon Out Tonight" by some Oldies group, but can't recall if he left the Media Player on his PC running? Then he sees her. His dream girl. He knows its's her. He can tell just by her look. Just by her smell. Just by her sound. She's just what he was wishing and hoping for. His Queen of Skreemtaztik Halloween... For more adult Halloween treats go to: http://rude.com/QueenDeleona/b log/id/18074/

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Male, Age Private, Troutman, NC

Posted November 09, 2012

An amazing imagitive story.In other words,you`re good.


Female, Age Private, Ithaca, NY

Posted November 11, 2012

Thankz 4 commenting Kenny651... Itz gr8ly appreciated!!! :)


Male, 33, Nigeria

Posted April 12, 2017

Sound really imaginative...but its cool though.love it


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted September 29, 2017

Sounds like you read my mind...If I didn't know better I'd swear you were writing about me. Excellent story, Queen.

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