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The 7 Passagez O'Skary Valentine


by Queen Deleona 1- ...At least the moon was full, but I was not. A good night for feasting . I had to be across town before midnight, to meet an "online admirer". I don't usually meet up with people from online, but I'm just so hungry. I decided to leave early, which means that I would have to pass on the usual cattle back at "the spot", but that only drives me all the more. I love the life, but I hate the thirst. 2- It was already about 11 o'clock and someone was about to run out of time, so I called a driver. I don't normally call a familiar, but I was in a hurry. I recognized his markings, he didn't look me in the eye, which was a good thing for him. I'd drain him like a ripe mango. Everything was smooth sailing, then he hits a bump... You're promised immortality, but not good fortune. The car gets a flat and now I'm stuck out on some dark desolate road. 3- The driver called for back up, so I sat in the back seat. It was stocked nicely, but I was looking for fresh kill. I hate when I let myself get this way. Although looking tasty, lusting for the driver's neck was not, could not begin to suffice, plus I don't really like somebody else's taste on my meat. I was getting impatient, more beleaguered by hunger, and still hoping not to miss out on my new "Valentine". 4- The new driver arrived rather swiftly and I quickly forgot all about the last one. C'est la vie... I know that I'm breaking one of my own rules, our rules, but I haven't actually met this guy in person yet, but there were no flags or indicators that he was "unsafe". At the same token, I like a little adventure, in my meal, every now and then. I relish the days of old, when we were freer and didn't have to go through all this, when there was no masquerade. No hiding. No fear. I'm finally at a destination of my own choosing. I could've taken flight with the night winds, but I wanted this to look "normal, real human like. We move with great caution, in this time. The Hunters have dwindled our numbers greatly... He was attractive and healthy looking, by his profile and pic. He might be one of those wannabe "Familiars"? He's read all the books, knew the verses, he posted to all the "right" goth/vamp blogs, he was collector of all the good vamp vids, pix, dolls, and other rarities and oddities. Of course, he loves the classics, seen all the movies, and "Queen of the Damned" was in his Favorites... LOL He's been to the Transylvania, The Cons, and thinks he can tell me exactly what a vampiress, like me, needed in her life? He's almost perfect and that's what really bothering me. He was supposedly a "vamp lover", but we shall see? 5- I made sure to make a scene as I exited the vehicle. Gotta look "normal'... I also walked to the front of a cafe, which also gave a chance to check the area. Get a scent of the place and make sure that The Hunters aren't around. I'm hungry and paranoid, that doesn't make for a good mix. Discipline and control. Anyway, I start to walk into the cafe and could hear live " jazz", before I even touched the door... Jazz, I know Jazz!!! I was there when the first note was played. I was there before the first note was played and before it was called, "Jazz". I was there when we were freer and didn't have to go through these things. When they were food. When they were servant and prey. When we moved them to and fro... When they knew fear, I guess they still do or We wouldn't be hunted? That was a long time ago, but I'm thirsty now! I gave the look of waiting patiently, but I'm about to make a sampler platter out of the waitress and the bass player? Some human enters the premise. It may be my online admirer? I sense his approach. Can't repulse. Gotta look "normal", act startled. A tap on my shoulder. Look surprised. I can't catch his scent, but I know that it's there. Got it. He looks like his profile. Healthy. A little trendy, but relaxed. Can't let the thirst take over, not yet. 6- We do the usual pleasantries. Sit and chat for a while, as I pretend to drink my tea. I ordered "Dragon's Blood". I smile to myself. I don't remember what he ordered and I wasn't actually listening. I nod often, smile brightly, and appear attentive. I even interject a few "Yea, tru dat!". I try not to look into his eyes. It's too public and I'm unfamiliar with the area. I can't help myself and take a quick glance. As I look into his eyes, his body became limp like a deflated balloon. I didn't think that he would be so easily persuaded? The thirst grows. I start to feel hot, itchy, irritable. I started having blood flashes. Things began to look crimson and clover. Gotta stay focused! I suggested that we should get some fresh air. We arose and I said something wayward about the band and too much incense smoke. I shouldn't have ordered the tea. Tasty, but hardly filling. As we walked along, we pass a few more bars, clubs, tattoo shops, yadda, yadda, yadda... I'm already out of my known element, with a virtual stranger, when we come to a bench. We sit, chatting about our online experiences, and I'm thinking now would be a good time to taste the goods. It looks deserted, but the fullness of the night winds bring me the scent of multiple humans. Hunters! There's not a building or any other human in sight, except my "admirer". This isn't good. I'm just so hungry and I think that they're about to be the wrong kind of "party crashers". He's still rambling on about life, love, and his vamp fantasies. I hear them now, spread throughout the bushes. 1 in the tree. 2 behind a couple of Port-o-potties. Pros and not a newbie in the bunch. Hunger and fear makes me anxious. Fasting has not been my friend. The thirst, the hunt, and his chattering is starting to really irritate me. I stop talking, because my hungry is making me delirious. It's hard to keep focus. He asks me about my tea. They're getting into position. What's he saying? It'll do what? You're trying to do what? You're gonna do what? I'm not new to this. I'm true to this and I'm not in the mood. Yea, I sorta fell for it, but the hunger can do that. This is hardly over yet... 7- You talk too much, whatever your name is. I should've known better. I have not fed in so long. Your little drops of holy water, only slowed me downed. Your cafe set up. The incense. All nice touches, just not good enough. I am older than you truly know and you know me not! Never break your own rules. Never relax, when you are beyond your own realm. Eat your food, don't play with your food. The hunted will now have to make manifest, as the hunter, and the prey shall stay in it's place. My blood flashes were increasing my need to feed. Leaves and debris begin to swirl. The masquerade is over. You have sown the night winds, now receive your whirlwind. A gnash of teeth. A flash of nail. A swirl of form. Solid to dust. From clear to blood red. The ones in the bushes, as they try to jump and spread out, get caught first. Slashed and drained. I leave them looking like so much bad jerky. 4 down, never to return. It's a good start. Let me attend to the "ninja" in the tree. I see you even in the darkness, even in the still of the night. You don't know "darkness", but you are about to get a quick lesson. I don't touch his flesh. I reach into his eyes, into his mind, deeply into his soul. Everything is fluid. Whatever was his has now become and leave him unanchored. Tasty, but not filling. Can't leave any witnesses, I twist neck and spine. A ninja swizzler... The 2 behind the Port-o-potties are scared and hesitant. I thought these guys were pros? They try some little trick, but it's tired. It all just passes me by and I strike, without compunction, without mercy. I'm feeling a bit full by now, but there's always room for dessert. Greetings, Mr. Admirer, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Meal... I give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I wasn't really so hungry anymore. This was for the pleasure of it. For all the "good times" and for old time sake. I'm about to slowly sink my teeth into his throat. The recent past of blood and flesh and even bone sprays from my lips and hands. Droplets are splattered across my cleavage. He tries to use some kind of weapon, but my tight grasp around his throat overpowers him. He chokes and gurgles. Tiny bubbles of saliva form out the corners of his mouth. His body goes limp, just like he pretended back at the cafe, when I had glanced into his eyes. Now, I could feast on his flesh, at my leisure. The thirst may have been quenched, but not my vengeance... *Itza Skary Kinda Valentine- log/id/10169 *More NSFW info, pix, klipz & vidz with my own special brand of holiday flavor... If you dare!?! teehee ;..;

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Male, 39, Cincinnati, OH

Posted April 18, 2013

Spoken eloquently, the mixture of real and surrealism! I like!


Male, Age Private, Nigeria

Posted June 11, 2016

Nice write up !


Male, 35, Tunisia

Posted August 30, 2016

I like this story thank you Queen


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted July 10, 2017

One of the best erotic and scary vampire stories ever...Bravo!!!

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