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Harris County LIVE: w/Daraja Hakizimana "Close & Personal" (SouthsideSmoke Shop, Smoke Or Die, X-wife, Coughee Brothaz & My Block Recordz)


Orginally the interview was supposed to be about Daraja Hakizimana's latest release, "Playa Smoke Vol.1", and his newest group, "Smoke Or Die". But, after a collect phone call from Harris County Jail sometime in November and being informed of his latest charge and the few adjustments he wanted to make in his life once it was all over, the interview idea went out the window. It's now December and a few days from being released from Harris County Jail. I've gathered all the material I could from a series of collect phone calls and a few associates. On the date of Daraja's release and upon his request, we will wrap up the final parts of this interview. So lets begin...

B.P: Whoah! You look like a terroist/Marvin Gaye, no offense! Don't they give y'all razors to shave in there?

D.H: (laughs) Yea, they do, but I'm not trying to be cute up in there. I kinda wanted it to be a reminder of where the hell I'm at. Plus, it fits how I've been feeling up in there. It's kinda been my thing, unfortunately, when I come here. I'll get back GQ once I get back to the pad in a few hours.

B.P: So what happened? Everything seemed all good a week ago

D.H: Well, around late October one evening after leaving the studio, I went to pick up JB of Smoke Or Die from Southside Smokeshop to take him home. As soon as I had pulled out the parking lot, HPD pulled right behind my ride and signaled us to pull over. Apparently, Clearwood/Edgebrook is notorious for being a high drug trafficking locality and I guess I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In my ride, they found a semi-automatic machine gun and bags of marijuana. I was able to get the gun-charge dropped, but I was charged for the marijuana. I bonded out the next day (Harris County's long %#&@$! processing), went to court the following week, and signed the first offer they gave me, which was a 90-day sentence. In Harris County you get a two-for-one which reduces it to 45-days. That was a blessing, it could have easily been 6-months, considering my history. I also figured, once in there, I could be a trustee and get my time further reduced to 20-days, that is, until I found out you can't qualify with an assault on your record, courtesy of my ex-wife. I'll also explain that story for the first time later on in this interview.

B.P: SouthsideSmoke shop: What's the relationship between y'all and how did you become involved?

D.H: My relationship with them is cool, they're part of the reason I got the deal, courtesy of Courtney aka "Boss Lady". She really took control of the situation by contacting my people and getting us out there quick. Jimmy was the one that basically hired me and brought me on the team. But honestly, he and I barely spoke after that, except when he came to the shop. He was mad busy with different affairs so I mostly dealt with Boss Lady. My job was to get things poppin' for them and their brand a little more on the internet, through music, and through social media. Playa Smoke Vol.1 was kinda like a springboard for that situation and what's to come. But with all this drama going on, we might need to redirect things a little.

B.P: So what is on your record if you don't mind my asking?

D.H: (laugh & sign) Theft when I was 18, a marijuana possession in '03, the assault in '06 with my x-wife, another marijuana case in '08 and a bunch of speeding and traffic tickets that turned into warrants. Also, my last marijuana possession I was busted for recently,   yea my early 20's was all over the place.,

B.P: Your Last?

D.H: Hell yea! with everything going on with the states up North trying to make it legal me, I'm just getting older and watching what I do on the road and the company I keep. Hell yea, it's my last time. Quite frankly, I'm getting too old for this %#&@$! and plus, my kids are growing up. It'll be real hard trying to explain this sort of stuff to them, with everything I've done on the internet, from the videos, to songs, and interviews. Ir's coming to my front door real soon anyways, if its not there already. At this point in my life, I'm just trying to offset the bad with the good. So when my kids do get older and start surfing the net and seeing what their daddy's been up to over the years, I want to make sure they also see the good that's been left behind. It's just time to start making the positive outshine the negative. I'm not perfect. And that's the reason I'm doin' this interview like this. The next few months are going to be real interesting and it's very important this interview is out there for the public to read. I do not promise to be here tomorrow, so before then, I would like to shed some light on a few incidences that took place in my life. And this is the perfect time to do it.

B.P: Gotcha. So, what really happened, what's the full story behind the 2006 assault case? (refer to album:Daraja of The Coughee Brothaz - Back Against Tha Wall/released in 2007)

D.H: One particular night, my ex-wife and I got into a bitter argument. I don't even remember what it was about, but we were both very upset. So much so, that we ended up tussling or wrestling on the floor. I remember holding her hands down with force in self-defense because she was literally trying to throw punches and to kick me. I tried to reason with her, telling her "this is pointless, you're not gonna beat me up, I'm a guy and I'm stronger than you are, what is the point in doing this?" At that moment she literally tried to kick me in the groin with her knee causing me to put more pressure in holding her down in self defense. She then started crying and so I released her. Never at any point did I try to physically hurt her. If you ask anybody who knows me or any female who has been in a relationship with me, they will tell you that it is not even in my character. That is not who I am. Next, she ran into the restroom, locked the door, and continued crying. Being left to myself for a few moments, I took the time to focus and gather myself. Once I gained my composure, I again made an effort to calmly talk to her from outside the restroom door, but to no avail. She began crying even more hysterically while on the line with 911. I became outraged. I broke open the door in an attempt to grab the phone from her. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. I calmly talked to the dispatcher and told her we would both be waiting downstairs for the officer and that my wife was exaggerating the situation. The dispatcher was very understanding which made me feel she completely understood the situation. We went downstairs where I continued to calmly talk to my ex-wife and to reassess what had just happened and even suggested we needed serious help. Thirty minutes later, two officers, a male and a female, arrived and we both explained to them exactly what had transpired between us and how we finally managed to get things back under control. Everything seemed fine, or so I thought, until the officers asked if I could step outside for just a few minutes. 'Sure' I replied, not understanding at all what was about to happen next. The officer walked back inside to talk to my ex-wife some more. Ten minutes later they walked back outside and asked me to put my hands behind my back, that I was under arrest. (Pause and sign) (Longer pause........silence)

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