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What is this so called thing we strive to make better. Not just for us but for the views of others. Why is it we always say were going to change this and change that but seem to remain the same. Life at times is hard. Not knowing if we'll see tomarrow or if our kids are going to be born healthy. Is it that we focus on all the wrong things that has been laid on our table, and instead of giving praise to the one that helps us get it off.

When is it that we'll change the decision for our country instead of letting them have all the votes. Now when we sit and talk about what they are doing and say i didn't like him in the first place. Maby i'll vote next year. Instead of going to work we sit and dream of what money can bring. When is it we'll make a stand and tell them enough is enough., but then again it's only life.

So what is it that we can do to help the cituation in our life succeed. Can it be that we all forgot who we came from. The love we have for family should be spread through out every indavidual we see. instead were focused on me.

Just something to think about. It's like when you have something on your chest and wanted to hear other opinions. So if you have it on your chest, let it off.

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