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What Rehab? Cheerful Farrah Abraham Hits The Beach In A Bikini And Goes Jogging During Break From Alcohol Abuse Treatment


Farrah will have to blow into a breathalyser to start her car until September 29, when all of her driving privileges will be reinstated. The mother-of-one had previously repeatedly said she was not guilty of the offence in April, both on the Dr. Phil show and in court. She was also charged with disorderly conduct and refusing to take a field sobriety test, though these charges will apparently now be dropped. "Yes, I was drunk," the 16 & Pregnant star told Dr.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs howbiz/article-2358387/Farrah- Abraham-hits-beach-bikini-goes -jogging-break-alcohol-abuse-t reatment.html

Is Farrah Abraham Appearing on Dave Attell"s New Comedy Central Show?

2 in Los Angeles, Calif. Celebrity Photos: December 2013 Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx performed a song and dance with the cast of "Annie" while filming a parade scene in New York City on Dec. 2. Celebrity Photos: December 2013 Kirstie Alley stopped by ABC Studios to appear on "Good Morning America" in New York City, New York on Dec.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ 2013/09/03/farrah-abraham-femi nist_n_3861840.html

Farrah Abraham Thinks Being A Feminist Has Something To Do With Being A Lesbian

"I am going to be doing some funny stuff," Farrah Keeked from her hotel room in New York City. "So, look at your channels that are funny. I think we know that Comedy Central has it all!" True that, Farrah. This A-lister didn"t go into details about her appearance on Comedy Central, but she did tweet a picture of VIP tickets to Dave Attell"s uncensored comedy show at the Village Underground. Hm, time for some sleuthing!
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah -abraham/articles/2013-12-04-t een-mom-dave-attell-comedy-cen tral

Farrah Abraham and other Teen Mom Stars Land 'Where are they Now' MTV Special?

Catelynn, on the other hand, has confirmed that shes filming aWhere are they Now?special so we can assume that these other players are part of this project as well. Mike, Farrahs dad, said,This coming weekend we will be busy filming with family and friends ..For a surprise for everyone early next year!I cant tell you yet but you guys will see Farrah, Sophia, Debra and I and friends. Nobody is sure yet when this special will premiere, but some expect that it wont air until late Spring/Early Summer of 2014. But, thats no problem, were ready and willing to wait for such glorious and epic and dramatic reality TV. What do you all think? Will this special resonate with fans?
Source: http://www.celebdirtylaundry.c om/2013/farrah-abraham-teen-mo m-stars-land-where-are-they-no w-mtv-special-1203/

Farrah Abraham"s desperate bid for fame continues as former Teen Mom star signs up to Couples Therapy show... by HERSELF

"Oh, I definitely feel that women are equal to men," Abraham said. "No doubt about that. I mean, women should have equal rights to men, every day." Abraham also spoke about her latest projects, which include opening up some new restaurants, writing her memoir and "building my empire." No problems properly expressing herself on those topics!
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/45 5601/farrah-abraham-confuses-a -feminist-as-being-a-lesbian-o r-something-

Farrah Abraham Confuses Being a Feminist With Being a "Lesbian or Something"

Well, she still cant find anyone to go on the show with her so they are allowing http://www.farrahsuperstar.org / her to appear solo! Basically they are going to bring people from her past family, friends, ex-boyfriends to help her understand why she cant make any of her relationships work and they fail. Secret boyfriend? According to VH1, the partner of one of the the participants of Celebrity Rehab does not show up Filming is no joke 24/7 Farrah Abraham (@F1abraham) November 8, 2013 VH1 confirmed the full line-up on Tuesday but did not specify exactly how they will proceed with Farrah. However, the network said in a statement: In season four of Couples Therapy we will get a look at four-and-a half couples who are facing very complicated issues never before discussed on the show made even more complicated when half of one couple is a no-show. Real Housewife seeking advice: Taylor Armstrong and fiance John Bluher will also appear on the show alongside Farrah It is possible that Farrah has a secret boyfriend who will not take part in the programme. Derek Underwood, Farrah Abraham"s ex and the father of her daughter Sophia, tragically died in a 2008 car accident.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs howbiz/article-2504402/farrah- abraham-signs-vh1s-couples-the rapy-herself.html

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