>Sharp Record Inc. /Fed ID Tax Number and Sharper Brothers Record Inc /Fed ID Tax Number was formed in 1994 and 1998 by myself, in the State of Georgia and Registration Trademark of UNITED STATES PATENT IN WASHINGTON, DC Over the years I have seen music go down with trash music with people who cannot sing, and A&R Dept. people who judge and can't sing or play a Instrument, Artist that treat the Public like dirt, Attorney's who don't know about the music business, but more about the money they make and not about the talent, producer's who just don't Know how to make music, At Sharp we do it all. We continue to strive for the best, with a lot of hard work and prayers. My goal once again as a Producer, President, Founder, Musician Recording Artist and Executive. is to meticulously serve and exceed in all of the fan expectations while maintaining an Impeccable Standard of Excellence in music as being the best. We want to give you the best in music. Sharp, today and in the past have work with a lot of major company, in all music format, we are bringing black gospel concert to cities and towns. Before I sign a artist or a staff member to our organization there is orientation. Our number one critique for artist they must know how to sing. We belive in all our music division ROCK, COUNTRY-WESTERN, BLUES, JAZZ, HIP-HOP, URBAN, FUNK, GOSPEL, can bring something special to all generations. Artist have to care about themself and the public. Our goal is to strive for the highest standard of exellance, in our production for radio station airplay and concerts, provide avenues of success through collaborative efforts. Because we are Sharp Record. And remember, I'm one of the very few music executive that do it all. Whatever an attorney does and a C.E.O. running a company like Warners Brothers. We are always seeking new companies to work with. A lot of things Sharp is doing now would blow some people away. From our past and today, We continue to do what we do, never taking a back seat to anyone. But acknowledging we all need help to get from point A to point B. We do everthing Warner Brothers does. I have the paperwork to prove it. Some may know me some may not, I wonder why? Tony Sharper,

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