Why would a woman put gold teeth in her mouth and mulitiple tattoos on her body. What's the point? - thedappster44's Blog

Why would a woman put gold teeth in her mouth and mulitiple tattoos on her body. What's the point?


Here in So. Florida, there is something in the air and in the water that makes sistas "niggarize" their bodies with junk. I wanna know what's the point?

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Female, 43, Buffalo, TX

Posted July 09, 2008

Gold in your mouth and numerous tatoos on your skin, is just another reason white American's use to stereotype us as dumb %#&@$! "niggarized" people. I am a black woman who is 37 years old, and I have never had a tatoo or any gold in my mouth. When someone sees that, you simply dissappear in the background. No one is looking at your intelligence, your beauty, your success, your prosperity, your drive and ambition, they are looking at you like something underneath their shoe. Why draw unneccessary attention to yourself in the first place. I know it is " to each his own" and if that is for you, do you. All I am saying is that it just gives white america another reason or excuse to try to halt you in the thing you are trying to do the most. Whatever that may be. Me, I don't really care what anyone thinks of me, because I know who I am. If you are the same way, more power to you. I just simply care enough about you because you are my sister or my brother, and when you are rejected, I am rejected. When you are disrespected, so too am I. Stay stong and be Blessed.


Female, Age Private, Hollywood, FL

Posted July 20, 2008

Gold teeth and tattoos are a real turn off, for the body is beautiful, and needs no adornment, except a bit of scent to the pulse points, lol


Female, 46, Los Angeles, CA

Posted August 16, 2008

Althought I have tattoos on my body it doesnt define who I am. Judging someone because of a mark is wrong. Some time ago some of you may have been right, "White America" may have stereo typed Blacks as dumb (but they did that anyway), but now things have changed, you have the "White America" trying to be like us. I received my tattoos at a much earlier age and now that I am 40 years old, I always tell the much younger crowd, especially my sistahs not to do it, because they may regret it in their later years. At this point I have many tattos, from 20 years ago, but thank GOD, I have friends and family who dont judge me for my tattoos, but love me for who I am. Be careful how & who you judge, depending on your purpose can hurt someone and lead them to hurting themselves. I love to love people and presently I am working on my BSN & on to receive my Master's, and not one time has my tattoos held me back. By the way Mr. Dappster44's I love this page its so interestinga! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.



Female, 45, Homestead, FL

Posted October 08, 2008

The evolution of this ritual and its modern day significance plays a huge part in the widespread acceptance of this truly beautiful display of individuality.

These people are far from savages (as you say "niggarize"), but an advanced culture that excelled at astronomy, mathematics, body modification, and much more. The Maya were the first to apply this adornment and practice it still. Tribes throughout the body of Mexico that came later in history, such as the Toltec?s and Mexicans? (Aztecs) followed in their footsteps. While growing up in America, the only people I saw who had gold or steel teeth were the Mexican population (with the exception of people who had very damaged teeth). I grew up convinced that Mexicans had really bad dental health ? little did I know that most gold caps and gold windows being performed in Mexico were inspired by beauty, and not poor dental health!
As I grew older and realized the significance, I became captivated by it. Seeing people with gold teeth began to inspire me to find a deeper, more universal explanation of why this was a healthy part of human history. Modern Mexicans, Mayans, and other indigenous cultures of South and Central America still practice tooth adornment. Mayans can often be identified by their gold caps, usually on the four front teeth (top or bottom). This tradition was so strong that it has survived for thousands of years.


Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted November 21, 2008

Be that as it may ....ppl r gonna do what suits them. no matter what(can't change that). But I say screw white america. Howeve,r I feel that it's all in what we perceive things to be. a grill is no more than a pair of timbs, tatts are like cufflinks ...... whose to tell you, you can't be diff.

personally I don't have either ... but if I choose to do so I wouldn't think that it would make peeps look @ me diff

Oh Hi how r u?


Male, 50, Miami, FL

Posted June 09, 2009

One of the major problem I have with women with gold teeth is that the women are all "show". They don't read, travel, volunteer for the betterment of their communities. The are also some of the most boring people around. They just bring nothing positive to the table.

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