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Uniform Tax Rebate for UK - A Whole Discussion


In the event you wear a protective clothing or uniform to work, and must wash your clothes in a launderette or home, without your employer or company contributing something to the price, you may well be permitted a uniform tax rebate. This rebate could possibly be applicable on the money you have allocated to laundering the uniform.

It is very important know that it won't matter if you're no longer wearing a uniform. You're still eligible to claim a rebate for all your years when you needed to launder or wash work clothes. However, you will find there's specific limit to how far back a personal can claim. HMRC only gives a tax rebate based on the past four years of one's employment.

To make a claim, you are able to engage a professional company to help you with paperwork and other areas of the claim. It's very an easy task to find this type of firm online. You can easily sign up and schedule a consultation.

The Amount Compensation Are You Able To Get?

How much money on what you're in a position to claim tax relief depends on your distinct industry. Principle allowance for spending cash on uniform maintenance is 60 GBP. In accordance with this data, basic rate taxpayers can claim 12 GBP back. This really is 20% of the investment property.

Similarly, higher rate taxpayers can claim 24 GBP back. This is 40% of the total amount. Since 60 GBP can be a predetermined fee, you no longer need to report and record the person amounts you allocated to laundering or washing your uniform. Websites like http://www.uniformtaxclaim.co. uk/ can help for a small fee.

Most of the people seeking compensation can claim the amount of money spent during the last 4 years, along with the current year. However, in order to receive uniform tax rebate, you need to have been wearing the uniform during this period.

Simply, an elementary rate taxpayer who's claiming standard uniform allowance for the previous 4 years as well as the current year can reclaim 60 GBP in total. Each person registers, he's taxed less in future too.

Some jobs will have more specific limits. Generally, this has some relation with specialist uniforms. Such uniforms have a maximum allowance of 140 GBP. In such a situation, better pay taxpayer is able to get back 56 GBP for each year he claims on. You can find a little more about specialist uniforms online, and view when you are applicable.

It can be worth mentioning that the only method to acquire more uniform tax rebate compared to the basic payment would be to prove how the annual uniform laundry bill is significantly higher. You'll want to consult the tax office to really make the process simpler.

Claiming to the First Time - Should Send the applying via Post

To help make claims, you just need your National Insurance Number as well as information past and current employment. There are also some other pursuits you have to know about making a claim to learn from uniform tax rebate.

In the event that you're claiming uniform tax rebate the very first time, you have to send the approval via post. You need to send the applying to the tax office on P60 or Payslip. It's also possible to send the applying on the generic address :

HM Revenue & Customers,

Pay While You Earn,

PO Box 1970,


L75 1WX

So that you can speed things up, you ought to write Repayment Claim on the envelope. You should mention you need to include the next (wherever applicable) :

The employer's name and address. The dates of employment, only the past four working years

Job Title, industry sector and occupation

Details of the cleaning or laundry services supplied by the employer

Information on vouchers or payment furnished by the employer to cover any laundry, cleaning or other costs

Explanations why the uniform can't be worn anywhere outside work, like logo, brand color plus much more

Whether you want the uniform tax rebate by means of a good or want it deducted out of your current year's tax

The concerned authorities sends instructions explaining how much amount you can find as compensation. In many instances, it will require around 5 weeks to process the claim. You can receive uniform tax rebate in various forms, including bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

If you hire a professional company, it ensures that you receive a one time amount. Moreover, what's more, it makes sure you must pay less tax every month to hide your future laundry or cleaning costs.