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UK becoming pagan state - Police allowed pagan days! - National evangelical


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Pardy said: Paganism is not the new age, tree hugging fad that some people think it is. It is not the clandestine, horrible, evil thing that people think it is. A lot of people think it is about dancing naked around a fire but the rituals are not like that. It involves chanting, music, meditation, reading passages and for pagans the practices are seen to have the same power as prayer does for Christians. Most pagans practice some kind of conservation work as well to give something back to the planet."

Pagan police officers have been allowed to establish the Pagan Police Association and given the right to take eight days off work a year to celebrate their 'religious holidays' including Halloween and the summer solstice. Question is, could or should a person be expected to trust the judgment and actions of one who practices Pagan worship?





From recent reports, the Pagan Police Officers are now allowed to take off on their holidays instead of the traditional holidays. They have been given the permission to make Halloween and summer solstice their holidays. Andy Pardy, a leading Pagan officer from Hertfordshire Police, met with Government officials this week to push for more recognition for pagan officers.

What is really sad is that last year seo st albans the Home Office introduced the pagan oath for use in the courts. Perhaps the holidays should be called Pagan Daze! God will have the final word!

PC Hill, the founder of the Pagan Police Group UK, a website for pagan police officers and their families launching on 1 August, said: '"Wiccan has always been a bit of a taboo religion, there are lots of misconceptions around it."

Superintendent Simon Hawkins, of Hertfordshire Police, said: "While balancing operational needs, the force's religion and beliefs policy gives all staff the choice of re-allocating the traditional Christian bank-holiday festivals to suit their personal faith.

The London Telegraph has reported that they have been allowed 8 pagan holidays. Ah yes, Paganism, just what the UK needs. They weren't happy being just a socialist state, it would appear that the UK is swiftly becoming a Pagan state also.

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