"Honey, I'm in the shower."

The sight of warm water cascading down your silky frame has my loins pulsating with desire. Passion racing through my heart as you lather your body, the stare we share makes us hungry for immediate care. Something's gonna happen tonight, because my body craves you. I need you. Badly.

Seeing my look of greed, yearning to appease my need, you tease me by doing a slow, soapy, hypnotic hip grind. Taking a sharp breath, we both notice that the hooked throbbing at my legs has grown in length.

"Come join me, baby."

You don't have to ask twice.

Emitting a soft groan as you wrap your legs around me, I realize the power your stems have over my mind and body. Our tongues and mouths melding to one, unison, we begin the forbidden dance reserved for those in lust. In a while, I realize that firm breasts aren't enough this evening, nor are passionate pecks. I want to taste you.

Now in the bedroom, I lay you on the bed and leave the room. You are bewildered. Seeing me return with chocolate syrup and a banana sends rivulets of anticipation through you. How do I know? The pleasure spot that clenches my %#&@$! after dark is slick and glistening.

"Give Mommy the fruit "

Obliging to your request, I watch your seductive peeling, then oral stimulation of this defenseless tool.

"Mmmm, Baby, I need something bigger in my mouth Put some syrup on it." All the while, I'm thinking, "The syrup's for you."

"Do you mind if I stroke you up and down?" Seeing you lip-sync the music of Changing Faces as you drink, then pour sweet, brown liquid over my swollen urgency sends me crashing through all STOP signs as you journey to its purple bulb. Sucking my tip with intention, the mixture of chocolate and precum arouses you as your mouth deep thoats my erect treasure.

My heart beating rapidly as you push my hard flesh deeper and deeper into your moisture, then withdraw it, I can tell you are hungry.

"I love making you nice and sloppy." It's not so much the words that left you that have tamed me. It's the way you are looked at me while stroking it, that turned me the %#&@$! out. I love an agressive sex partner.

Returning it to your oral lubrication, the pleasurable sensation is too much to endure, as a mixture of milky white dew and Hershey's erupts there.

"Mmmm, baby, I love your chocolate milk," you giggled after quenching your thirst. The frreak in you brings out the freak in me.

Cueing on your affectionate eroticism, I return you to your back and empty the contents of our creativity along your glorious nudity. Commencing at your eyes, I start my feathery touch with tantalizingly tasteful lip taps. Soon, those pecks unleash a tongue, licking and lapping its way through the chocolate I poured on your nudity, to berry-sweet nipples.

"My own covered strawberries," I groaned, reaching your fountain-filled navel. Barely enough fluid there to satisfy, I know a place that'll comply.

Prying open the puffy lips of your soaked, syrupy-sweet honeywell with an avid, active creature, I plunge into you with the unchained animalism of a wild beast starving for nourishment. I feel the undeniable, indescribable swelling of your clit rising against my nose as I go deeper iinto you with my tongue, nose and mouth.

"Baby, your %#&@$! tastes so good."

Mmm, I'm sorry, but I love making you squirt. And I can't wait to drink it.

As per my request, like a rain-soaked flower of lust, you drip on my bald pate, wanting, yearning, ready to explode. Pulling my mouth tight, then tighter against you, you peak once twice thrice.

"Drink my juice, baby. Drink all of that %#&@$!."

Gulping while gratified, Mmmmm, I love your flood. It always tastes good. Like bees covered in honey, from temple to toes we wear our sticky sundae. But those hunger cravings only soul mates share leave us both wanting more.

As I move atop you, you guide the length of me to its warm, sopping- wet destination. Entering you with a single thrust, a gentle squeal escapes you as my love for you hits the right spot over and over again.

"Shivering is good, " I whispered softly as I hear you whimper, then feel you wither against my slow gyrations.

Staring deep into your eyes while on top, I feel your thoughts. You want to get %#&@$!ed now. Rising on my fists and securing your spread legs on my shoulders, the probing, push-up penetration of your %#&@$! has me hitting the wall to heaven with relentless repitition. My animalistic activity fusing with the uncontrolling flow coming from your haven, your screams of delight have me trying harder than Avis does.

Yeah, I'll sweat a river %#&@$!ing you... With love of course. The sensations of your hot, juicy heaven now unbearable, we approach a plateau, a point of absolute satisfaction, when all else becomes moot.

The light-headed rush as I increase my the tempo of my thrusts means I'm close. The simultaneous paroxysm of delight and ecstasy is engulfing, causing me to scream as my tool stiffens, then spurts. Clenching your walls around me and milking my member makes the moment magnificent as our hot our bodies tremble and become limp, in awe of this heavenly union of sexual soul mates.

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