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My obsession makes me money


Because the cost of everything inflates speedier than my waistline some of us out there must work a bit harder to make ends meet. The thought of getting your own small business rapidly comes to mind but who has got the time and patience to open up and operate a conventional business? I know I do not, therefore i began to wonder what I could do to earn some extra money then it came to me. Junk!

I wouldn't mean searching through trash or anything. What I am speaking about is a thing folks either love or hate, garage sales.

I am not
about to lie, I really like browsing through peoples "junk" at rummage sales. I'm not sure what it is, maybe I believe I'm going to be lucky enough to uncover someone selling a Van Gogh painting for $5 but I love it. It's also an interesting look into someone's life when you check out the items they have laid out for sale.

For garage sales
you will have two clear options, selling items at your own garage sale or obtaining things from somebody else's. I actually do have my own yard sales when my clutter level gets near overload, though quite often my "garage sales" become a microwave oven sale because of me acquiring appliances. I'm a sucker for panasonic microwave inverter microwaves.  However , in my experience it's a great deal more fun to discover deals at other peoples garage sales. My ideas for garage sale items are economical tools, as almost always there is someone ready to purchase tools at a fair price. One more thing I target are aimed toward retro "hipsters", old record albums and anything considered classic.

Years ago
the phrase vintage to me was just another word for debris. But kids nowadays love the classic styling of the things from us older folks past. Ancient blenders and microwave ovens sell very well for some reason as does clothing. Had I had of known people could be so into old clothes I'd have saved every item of clothing I owned and made a king's ransom! It seems like anything made before 1980 sells well with dresses from the 1950s being the hot sellers for me actually.

After my garage sale hunt, I
clear out a place inside my garage and prepare to sell. I tend to stay with eBay for my selling as I just believe it is much better to manage. If I wind up buying things that are simply too large for cheap shipping and delivery I sell those on Craigslist. Although I typically sell just about all my clothing on eBay if I don't have lots of time I'll sell clothing to my nearby vintage clothing store. But I must warn you, they don't pay all that well.


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