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Your addaptability is key to stop smoking


Your addaptability is the key to stop smoking.
We used to call i addaptability and that is stil how most people think of it. But modern scientific understand is that it as impulse control and you ability to be less impulsive that will give you the desired result if and when you try to stop smoking.
Impulse control is a bit like staying awake: You dont have to do anything in particular, but you do have to manage your inborn tendencies or instinctive impulses to do stuff that is not in your longterm interest, even if it does have some appeal. There are always some short term gain that drives addictive behavior or other unwanted habits. With smoke its rather complex, but one item is that you get a short lived stimulant effect on the brain. The harsh reality is that this effect is followed by a longer period with less energy and less vigilance. But behavior is driven most effectively by short term results - good or bad - and we have to use impulse control to protect our long term interest.
This short term focus has a really bad reputation and is often associated with low addaptability and life on the lower parts of the social ladder. But this is actully very unfair. "Short termism" is there for a reason and actually a very good reason: It supports survival. In the long run we are all dead, so in nature and in natural selection, short term survival is more important that climbing the social ladder. And on the flip side, long term succes is hard to do exactly because it is unatural. Not something that nature has equiped us to do well.

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