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Lindapter Fasteners - Specialists In Steel Construction


Lindapter Fixings - Specialists In Steel Construction

Occasionally a beam flange clamps building system requires the designer and company's name along with steel building construction's Lindapter system is one of those in question. The Lindapter fixing system is for joining steel parts together to form a steel construction that is finished, a superb system. It is a standard steel erection system and has developed over the previous 70 years. It is completed by a series of clamps which clamp the many different parts together without the requirement or drilling and bolting.

The clamping plates possess a serrated surface to stop spinning on tightening. All the joints on this system are clamped joints provided with a big range of distinct clamps designed for all sorts of clamping conditions. Clamps have to be adaptable to different sizes and various angles.

Essentially the beams are only held into place manually or with appropriate lifting gear and the clamps are tightened into place. The clamps can not be quite simple in their own design as they're very capable of making any angled, vertical or horizontal fastener. An excellent provider will advise you on the correct clamps and fittings for almost any steel erection project.

The clamps are safe and secure due to the caution taken in the style period, the clamps furthermore have a serrated face also have a protruding lip that fits over the edge of the steel beam to stop the clamp from turning. This system is adaptable in that unlike drilled and bolted constructions in which it is hard to cope with imperfections in the base surface or alternative changes which will occur in the erection phase, this clamping system is very simple to modify by altering the positions of the clamps.

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