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Hi my name is Jason & I've put Profit Maximiser over the last few weeks anyway) to the evaluation (in part. Profit maximiser e-mails & various reviews couldn't have escaped your inbox or focus over the past couple of months. The majority of you may have discovered of bonus bagging which dealt mostly whilst using betfair to closely fit your bookie offer with free bookie sports offers. Profit Maximiser still contains sports offers in it's plan but explores an entire host of other regions including casino bonuses, reload bonuses, spread betting offers, bingo offers, various types of sports bet offers & just about any offer that's classed as risk free or close to it so that you can secure a gain.

Upon buying the system you get are taken to some dashboard & a login. Here there are some measures you need to take which includes an hour long webinar. If you have never been involved with signing up to bookie/bingo/ or betting casino accounts there's some useful advice in there including the best way to keep your information close & some useful hints on kyc (know your customer) processes. This is worthwhile going through as it also contains some places to look at for additional offers.

There's also a superb facebook forum where you will find plenty of friendly helpful folks (including Mike himself) that set numerous posts & offers on a daily basis & you really get to learn of the success stories, around 2-3 new offers each day & also lots of other helpful information. A number of people on here have had some nice wins on the slots & bingo, some paying around GBP200-300, also several folks have managed to turn banks of GBP500 into GBP2k so if you have got the time & money there are certainly some good opportunities. Mike is a specialist at this & he is recorded making some GBP1K over 7-9 days but this would've been with some of the big spread stake offers I think & you'd need a really big bank in order to do this but again only shows you what's potential. Mike says you should be able to make GBP1k a get cash online month from profit maximiser & I have no reason to doubt this but I don't believe unless quite a bit of time is committed to it, this could be attained.

Following the initial starter webinar you go back to the dashboard & it basically advises where you need to start which area in order you should work through & first. At this point I have to ashamedly admit that I am still at the casino before I move onto the bingo offers, offers or pass over to the sports offers. As well as doing most of the listed casino offers I've bound onto the forum & plucked out a couple reload offers which to be honest were barely worth the time & effort I have put into them but if your bank is limited (like mine) then this can be quite good enjoyment, hoping that you simply get a good win or safe in the information that you will get the cashback in a few days time if you've lost it all. Each offer for every casino or sportsbook has a video by Mike himself thus have no anxieties in case you don't fully understand what is required of you & I'd thoroughly recommend you view the first few in each section at least.

I can not just remember which review I read but it stated that the writer guides that so as to manage this system you need a bank of GBP500 but I believe you could begin with GBP200 & my downfall thus far in addition to the time needed has been that I've lacked a bank of this size. Up to now I would estimate that I have made GBP75 but the timing around to control this couldn't have come at a worse time as I have been sandwiched by two holidays which were quite close together. Additionally, I made quite a few blunders with t's & c's in one offer & over wagered on another & really my winnings should've been over GBP125 so it certainly is worth paying close attention to every offer & additionally the advice given by Mike in each one of the videos for a specific offer to be clear in your head & becoming prepared. Anyhow here's a break down thus far though I understand there were several I can remember break even ones that I've forgot about:-

William hill live - break even




Paddypower blackjack offer GBP5

Inplay wager 365 offer (bonus bagging which I have included here as mentioned on newsgroup) - GBP35

last five various will hill GBP7 slots reload bonuses - all break even (time spent over 1hr)

To be honest the bodies above aren't really very good considering the time I have spent on it & that's one thing you do need in case you're going to make this work & also a decent sized bank to have quite a bit of. In addition you have to be very well organised (I am not) as you should record the different offers, when they were made & when the refund (assuming that it's wanted is likely to be made) . You see as soon as you start doing a lot of it is extremely easy to totally lose track of where you're & expecting refunds etc. I have also been with queries on the live chat sessions or pursuing refunds relating to offers thus do consider that this type of endeavor will be demanded of you from time to time. There's however a solution to helping keep you organised & is in the way of a spreadsheet which keeps tracks of all offers, bookmakers, dates & amounts & that this is one that I intend to work with before I go any further. In fact I have experienced quite a few on the newsgroups so it's simply a case of going there, finding the thread & link for it & downloading it onto your computer. There is also some free applications available inside the training dashboard which will help you when it comes to going for the sports stakes offers where you look to find strongly matched bets with all betfair & the bookie.

I believe as said above that a GBP500 bank would function as the advisable amount to use off working with a smaller bank of, but I certainly wouldn't put people say GBP200. Using a GBP500 I believe you could readily achieve the expense of the annual subscription of GBP97 VAT within 2-3 days & I believe even using the lower GBP200 bank & concentrating on casino slots offers at the start you need to be able to make back the price in 7-10 days time yet that is just an opinion of course & there will be variations of succeeding.

Obviously, if you have more than GBP500 to save for a financial institution, then the returns could be really profitable, and it is risk free too.

So yes I fully advocate it & profit maximiser gets an approved status from me & that's before I've even completed all the offers, it is probably one of the year's best systems & it's almost risk free. There are many scenarios where the offers are not completely risk free before you decide to take up an offer in your favour on this & these is pointed out by Mike, but where the edge is.

There is really little downside apart from the time being organised & maybe having some restricted or offers limited. Indeed I did get an email from a bookmaker the other day, saying that they have reviewed restricted all offers about my account & it.

I will update this page in several months time once I have rekindled can plough through a few of sports offers & the bingo & my betting bank, unless the kids crimbo activities get in the way, all being well this will be done some time. Approved2

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