Etf Preview: Etfs, Futures Weaker Following Concerns Over Greece Election; Earnings, Fomc Meeting In Focus - - junioraftz's Blog

Etf Preview: Etfs, Futures Weaker Following Concerns Over Greece Election; Earnings, Fomc Meeting In Focus -


United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG) was up 2.68%. Gold was down 0.53% while silver was down 0.9%. NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NBY) was up 10.84% after it signed a nationwide distribution agreement with Cardinal Health (CAH), a pharmaceutical distribution company, through which CAH will carry and distribute NBY"s Avenova, a prescription lid and lash hygiene product. Combined with NBY"s previous distribution agreements with McKesson Corporation (MCK) and Vision Source, Avenova will now be available to more than 90% of the nation"s 67,000 retail pharmacies and to thousands of optometrists" offices. NBY plans to expand its sales force to 35 representatives in the field selling Avenova by early February. NBY expects to report modest but growing initial revenues for Avenova until mid to late 2015 when the full productivity of the expanded sales effort is expected to become evident.
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QuantShares Rolls Out a High Yield Hedged ETF (DIVA) - ETF News And Commentary - Yahoo Finance

However, this unique approach will cost investors a bit more as the ETF looks a little pricier than other regular dividend-focused funds with a net expense ratio just below one percent. ETF Competition It is hard to point out the direct competitors of DIVA given the novelty of the latter. Still, investors should note that the product will face tough competition as far as dividend yield is concerned. We believe that high yield focus has been widespread in the space leaving risk hedge as the only attribute of DIVA to attract investors attention (read: 3 Top Performing Dividend ETFs to Watch in 2015). However, considering investors growing affection for high yield products, they should like products which come up with new approaches. As DIVA falls in this category, it should prove itself as an admired ETF if it is able to generate yield of around 5%.
Source: quantshares-rolls-high-yield-h edged-150003824.html

Schwab ETF OneSource Expands to Offer Investors Nearly 200 Commission-Free ETFs - Yahoo Finance

Investments in real estate involve additional special risks, such as credit risk, interest rate fluctuations and the effect of varied economic conditions. Fixed income investments are also subject to credit risk, the risk that the issuer of a bond will fail to pay interest and principal in a timely manner, or that negative perceptions of the issuer"s ability to make such payments will cause the price of that bond to decline. While certain Funds attempt to limit credit and counterparty exposure, the value of an investment in those Funds may change quickly and without warning in response to issuer or counterparty defaults and changes in the credit ratings of the Fund"s portfolio investments. High-yield or "junk" bonds have lower credit ratings and involve a greater risk to principal. Investing in mortgage- and asset-backed securities involves interest rate, credit, valuation, extension and liquidity risks and the risk that payments on the underlying assets are delayed, prepaid, subordinated or defaulted on.
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WisdomTree Expands Offering on Schwab ETF OneSource(TM) - Yahoo Finance

The investment approach the JWB Group has planned for this year is expected to be attractive to stock market investors or others who are seeking higher returns apart from ETF commodities. "The rental market is now one source of income for some investors, and we"ve pioneered strategies that build monthly income through rentals," said one JWB company source. The advantages of purchasing real estate compared with standard stock investing is described briefly in the new video guide as well as what types of retirement accounts can be useful for investing. Investors who are seeking better returns in 2015 for IRA, 401K, Roth IRA or similar accounts can also benefit from the investment guide.
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Oil ETF Alternatives Now Explored for Investors in 2015 at Investment Website Online

More information is available at and . 2014 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Member SIPC . (0115-0830) * Conditions Apply: Trades in ETFs available through Schwab ETF OneSource (including Schwab ETFs) are available without commissions when placed online in a Schwab account. Service charges apply for trade orders placed through a broker ($25) or by automated phone ($5).
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Active ETF Takes Gets Tactical in Hunt for Income - Yahoo Finance

government debt, including a 6.9% weight to short-term Treasuries. Defined-maturity bond funds typically buy bonds that mature in the year the ETF will terminate, ensuring that investors can collect the .. [read more] bonds face value at maturity, along with a steady income stream along the way. Investors are meant to buy-and-hold these securities until maturity. In contrast, a regular bond ETF runs the risk of losing its original principal if interest rates go up, depending on the bond ETFs effective duration. [ How Defined Maturity ETFs Fit Into a Portfolio ] WBII has outperformed the funds blended benchmark by 1.59% (1.10% vs.-0.49%). From inception (8/27/14) through year-end (12/31/14) WBII also outperformed the funds blended benchmark 0.66% vs.
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