WTF iz goin on?!?---Am I Illin' or what? - debut00's Blog

WTF iz goin on?!?---Am I Illin' or what?


Blacklings, I've noticed that ever since the site here has made 2.0 a prerequisite for all incoming members...that there is a LOT of females that are between 15 and 18..dressed like they are in a video and as if they're 25 or older.And it got me thinkg about "the youth". I'm just not understanding it all..I mean, I do comprehend that media and entertainment show these radio/video-babies how to act and dress..but there is a time and place for everything. Nothing on this planet moves without a real woman's I appeal to the females out there...Young sistas, I appeal to you that your astethic is not as nearly as important as your mindset. I just hope that when you choose your manner of dress, that you truly consider what judgement the man that lays eyes on you is making. Aside from that, if a man wants to know you, make him dress up (not in the most expensive playclothes that he owns with Easter Sunday pastels and dunks on) but, with a dress that fits what you are going to wear for the evening. Take more pride in your appearance, make him do the same. Make him know that He should leave the house on a allegedly "classy" evening out with more than a clean pair of Jordans and his "swag". Tell him to bring along his sense of self and pride. I just want u to want more for yourselves and one another and get away from the idiotic idealogy of "smart" being "lame". Whomever said that mess to begin with should have a cozy %#&@$! spot in HELL waitin' for their %#&@$!. Just remember, in the real world, you know..the place that you live after the video goes off..and the doors of the club lock behind you when you step out of there... "SMARTS" weigh waaaay more than "SWAG", fam. Count on them to provide for you, not your celebrities. I believe in you all.

Get @ me

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