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Radio In Emergency Situation Situtaions


In earlier pieces on sneaking up on wild ducks I have described something of the tactics of spotting and sneaking, and also on what one might expect to encounter. In this piece I will describe some of the `stuff' involved, and other stuff.

Batteries. You're going to want a two-motorola 2 way radio radio that doesn't suck up the battery life too quickly. However, you're also going to want a radio that is rechargeable in case the power is out for an extended period. Most manufacturers will note the battery life in the product description assuming 5% reception, 5% transmission, and 90% standby. I recommend buying one that takes rechargeable batteries and getting a solar battery charger. I have the 4 Battery Solar Charger by SunJia and I've been very happy with it. Put freshly charged batteries in your radio every day.

Sony made it popular to carry around a collection of select music, in a compact unit, that didn't rely on what your local DJ was playing on the radio. As the Walkman became more popular, the less convenient portable radios became a thing of the past - almost. Sony does make a portable radio that's pretty cool.

All group equipment needed to reach base camp and climb the mountain: cooking gear, fuel, stoves, ropes, all forms of rock and ice protection, 2 way radio, oxygen, medical supplies, etc.

The Pioneer, models one through four, are the Merit Scooter's midsize scooters. The 1-3 models each have a 300 pound weight capacity. The 1-2 also have a 15 2 way radios. The 3 steps up the mid-size game with an 18 two way radio. The Pioneer 4 also offers a larger weight capacity at 350-400 pounds. These scooters are great for people who want to be able to meet a variety of indoor or outdoor situations. If you don't want to have to think too much about whether your scooter can handle any particular scenarios these aren't a bad choice, but they won't have the portability of the Mini-Coupes.

With their mates they all have great times on the road; outback and country where the fun begins. Many Australian's never go west of the mountains, but that is where the fun is at. These blokes have the machines, the music, the freedom, the girls and the open road. What Aussie fella would not want this lifestyle?

Find out how to call toll-free calls on your cell phone. Most times 1-800 is not a free call on cell phones. Many times you must dial #-800, or something similar. Ask your customer service agent.

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