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The Gentleman.


Well it has come to my conclusion that alot of women have no idea what a gentleman is..... he is the one that may ask are u okay how are u doing he is the one that just may know how u are feeling and attempt to comfort you. he doesnt just open the door and take ur feelings into consideration. he does alot with out u having to ask sometimes. and sometimes u do or may have to ask but it will get done.. there are alot that are acting as if they are Me.. but they are not. they are frauds. they use my swagger to undress you and to pleasure themselves. they are the one hooting and hollering at u in the streets. he is the one that will say u look beautiful today and keep it moving wont ask ur name or number just give a compliment to brighten up ur day. he is also the one that sits and ponders on how to make life better for himself and those around him. he caters to her. he listens he shows he thinks before acting. he carries himself in such a manner that you may not see it at first. sometimes he wont let u in sometimes he will but when he does cherish it. enjoy it. embrace it. its not to often that I come around in ur life. sometimes they look up to the heavens and ask for me request me pray for me to show up at ur door step. and when i get there make sure you are ready.. cause I only come once in a lifetime..........


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Female, Age Private, North Charleston, SC

Posted April 09, 2013

Love the fact that you have your mind on lock. that's VERY sexxi n a man . Respect~ J

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