An entire world's fate awaits our choice.... - debut00's Blog

An entire world's fate awaits our choice....


I write this in a time that is tumultuous, but at a time when I have been inspired, with a heavy heart. I write this in a time where hope is necessary and invaluable. In a time akin to one that could sparsely be fathomed by our forefathers, but just as uneasy. As americans, we have an obligation to pass down our opportunities and privleges we have flourished and prospered in. Our is system is far from perfect, but to momentarily remove our "blinders" as it were, and gaze upon the world and the alternative to life anywhere but America spans from a close "second place" to the sheer and downright unthinkable. There are those of us whom have answered the call to defend those rights from beyond our shores, from without.Yet, we have yet, in earnest come to answer the call to preserve those same rights from within. My fellow citizens, I ask you to make the right decision today, the only sane and reasonable decision that a patriot of America and her interests could make. Making this choice could steer us no further wrong than we have been. What could possibly happen? A senseless, profit-mongering war that benefits the few, our country being catapulted into a state of economical instability, our country and its citizens:Divided? No. For the worst is indeed upon us, here and now. And it is that reason most, that I call upon you all to choose "Hope". To choose "Change". To choose diversity and most of all to choose a decisive departure from "Old America" and her antiquated way of thinking. We represent "Modern America" and we have waited far too long to make our voices heard clearly. I call you all forward to choose no other than the Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden to reinstate America's glory,her good name and good standing in the global community as well as our belief in a government that serves it's people.

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