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Tommy Dortch
Shortage of memory cards for voting machines, Southwest ATL. To re-program only 5 machines, 1 broken. 7:00 - 8:30 still waiting; lines backed up. Wait to reprocess cards. Andy Young plus Tommy plus others vote. Ppl need at least 2 hrs. or more to vote. Precincts A, B, C turnout high.

Polls open 15 mins. Late in Madison, MS.; machines down; Names not on roster; lines long. Weather's good; PPL voting in record numbers. Small precincts turning out.
12:50PM - Going to different precincts covering rides for senior citizens and nursing homes. Crew of four going from poll to poll doing Exit Survey. Trying to max out this particular precinct with more than 200 ppl voting. Have not encountered a lot of problems so far.

North Carolina
12:30PM - Focusing on Election protection and providing snacks. Lines are not that long - going pretty smoothly. Reports of cars being towed at one polling location.

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