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Black Youth Vote is the name of the National Coalition's youth division. Back in 1996 when we were almost youth ourselves we wanted to be specific but we wern't sure of the punctuation. For a few years it really was Black Youth Vote? By 2004 Black youth out voted all other youth and today our elders are commenting all over the nation about how proud they are of all of the young people in line to vote. We were a little worried but my daughter convinced me that the O Generation would turn out. She said they are waiting to make history "on a history making day". Now they are reciting the poem "Rosa sat so that Martin could march, Martin marched so that Jesse could run, and Jesse ran so that Obama could win." That is catchy but even better is to eavesdrop on a youth conversation and hear them planning Next Steps. They will come together and host a Black Youth Vote Conference next week at the NEA. The have outlined an agenda: the economy (jobs), tuition (student debt), environment (climate change), ending the wars (Iraq & Afghanistan), and criminal justice. Not only did they show up, vote, volunteer, now they are planning their next steps to hold the Administration accountable. Black Youth Vote! Indeed FeliciaD

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