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Sexually Secure About My Desires... What About You?


I have been accused of being mannish in many ways. Not in the ways one would think per say: more along the lines of knowing what I want and speaking and acting on it. Some men may say that sensuous full body rubs and the tight grip of a women's inner workings on their manhood feeling ever... so... snug is what they want but when the opportunity presents itself to them, they can't handle it or decide they want what they title as an "honest" woman, or a woman that will only privy them to that experience: or at least one that pretends to be that way, and in the same breath, tell you they are really not in the market for a "relationship" anyway. Contradictory? I would say.



At the end of the day, I'm me. Like it, love it, or hate it, I'm just me. That's all anybody can be. Whether or not you choose to disguise it or put it out there, it is what it is at the end of the day. Maybe it's just that some men really do like the games that some women play but hey, I guess I will never be that way nor do I try to be for that matter. You want it? Come and get it. If I tell you that you can get it, it's because you can. If I tell you I'm straight, it's because d a m n i t I am!



I don't talk in riddles or say things I don't mean. I don't say I want someone for the night and actually mean I want someone that's only going to be into or inside of me. I believe in being faithful and a one man's woman when the time has come. I also believe in dating and weighing my options while deciding if you are actually the one. I don't believe in being tied down when that decision is not made to the fullest. When and IF we get there, trust me, we will both know it.



I don't ask questions that I mind hearing the actual answer to and please don't get perturbed when I honestly answer the same questions I receive of you. I've found that it is easier to tell the truth. Some call that honest but maybe I am just lazy. The effort it takes to misguide and build fronts can cause whirlwinds and frenzies even. Not to mention the strain it takes on your memory. I am a little too lazy to put forth the effort to tell anyone anything just for the sake of knowing that it's what they expect from me.



Experience has taught me... that being me, I will always end up with someone that can respect and love me for who I am... me. What I feel and say behind feeling that way can be a hard pill to swallow for some I know. In due time, you will get over yourself and go for what you say you wanted to begin with if you are as true to you as you act like you are and actually want what you say you wanted, so... if I offend anyone while being me, I can honestly say that I really don't feel an inkling of empathy. I'm me, be you too, if it's meant to be it will be.



If you decide you have had a change of heart about what it is you want, it's truly o.k. with me. Just do yourself a favor and if you don't keep it real with others, just keep it real with yourself. Yeah, I am open to love if love should come my way again, but I am also open to what my inner women tells me she wants any given day and for what it's worth, when I want and need it, I may decide to dive right in and go get it. You see, not only am I honest about who I am to others, moreover, I am true to the person that I have to sleep with at the end of the day... and that person is ME.

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Female, Age Private, Cleveland, OH

Posted September 30, 2012

Thanks Nimrod50 :)

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