Today, reality hit!!! After all is said and done i have finally realized th

share my tears


My soul is lock up inside my mind Im hurting from my past times My heart has been jumbled up and around Broken pieces my key unfound Im hurting inside from emotional abuse Can you see why im so confused Beaten like a drum time after time Couldn't at least one person hear my cry I need one person to hold my hand Im reaching out to something way more than man Im waiting on the day when you don't half to worry about what the next day will bring Im crying my tear for the lost child in distress The next leader who will be circled in a mess The black man who can't pass the test The next young brother that will be put to rest The hearse wheels roll and time still goes But we're stuck her with nowhere to lay our load I cry for those locked up in jail Accused of things, the lawyers fail The street pharmacists try to rule it all Leaving people shot up, stabbed, and against the wall Im crying for the next abortion that will be complete For a child that didn't even ask to be received The family without a home Who can't even get the president to give a loan I cry for the female's temple gone away Giving what they can for a little pay Im crying for today's children Fighting for what they thank is the solution But leaving men from there home's And even woman into prostitution Im crying for you the one that can find the road Whose mind has went into overload All you need is one little thing For some one to share your tear that feels the same Can you Share My Tear?

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