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Feds warn of potential July 4 attacks targeting law enforcement


Last Updated Jun 27, 2015 8:12 PM EDT

The FBI and Department of Homeland Protection released a publication Friday caution of possible attacks versus police policemans and also the military during the July 4th holiday, CBS News has learned.The publication

is not connected to Friday's strikes in France, Tunisia as well as Kuwait.However, Homeland Safety Secretary Jeh Johnson says his division is encouraging law enforcement"to be alert and prepared "ahead of the vacation in the united state adhering to those three attacks.Johnson states individuals need to attend Independence Day occasions as prepared but"remain attentive"and also report any sort of doubtful activity.He states UNITED STATE authorities will readjust protection measures, consisting of those undetected by the public, as

necessary.A gunman killed at least 37 individuals as well as wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a self-destruction bombing plane killed at the very least 25 people, while a guy with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car right into a gas factory in southeastern France, causing an explosion that harmed two people. The severed head of a regional businessman was left hanging at the manufacturing facility's entrance. 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Booked. This material may not be released, program, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press resulted in this record.

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