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Seth Picks Up Support from State Electeds


Dear Friends:

My campaign for Philadelphia District Attorney continues to pick up momentum. Earlier today, eleven distinguished Philadelphia legislators, representing a broad cross section of the city and united by the need to improve safety, endorsed my candidacy. Their support and kind words mean the world to me, and if elected, I look forward to partnering with them to make our communities safer.

The lawmakers who stood by my side today were:

State Senator Shirley M. Kitchen
State Senator Anthony M. Williams
State Representative Mark B. Cohen
State Representative Frank L. Oliver
State Representative Ronald G. Waters
State Representative Rosita C. Youngblood
State Representative Angel Cruz
State Representative Cherelle L. Parker
State Representative Tony J. Payton, Jr.
State Representative Kenyatta Johnson
State Representative Vanessa Brown

I look forward to working with them and every Philadelphia legislator as we work to make Philadelphia safer.

When I announced my campaign for District Attorney, I invited you to join me in making our communities safe places to live, work and raise our families. Since then, many of you have answered that call and have dedicated your time and resources. Your continued support is the only way we can reform the office of the District Attorney and protect our neighborhoods from crime.

Together, we can be the change Philadelphia needs.




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