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Barack Obama Election

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interactive Info-tainment weekday news that you choose!!


Yo what's up this yo boy Brian Dawson now you can blog to me everyday new subjects an stories you want me to report on at 4:45pm weekdays!!

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Female, 36, Durham, NC

Posted February 09, 2009

Benefit Stew and Shine Feb 28th 10am-6pm Roxboro, NC

Calling all cars, motorcycles, and all muscle car clubs. Bring your ride up to Roxboro to benefit 2 cancer patients Father and Daughter both battling cancer. We are trying to help raise funds for there medicine, the event is free to the public, there will be food, fun, and lots of entertainment, and plenty of parking. Come see the hottest rides in the triangle, and also benefit a needy family. All proceeds will go to the purchase of treatments for this family. Any questions please call Bennie Cameron Sr 919-730-1695.

Again this event is free to the public

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