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What Eva Longoria Misses About South Texas

Eva Longoria flew home to Texas for the holidays. Since arriving home, she has posted regular updates to her website and to Twitter, including lots of fun photos and tidbits about her life. She visited

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Jersey Shore JWOWW Posts Holiday Video Message To Fans

Jersey Shore reality TV star Jenni JWOWW Farley showed some love for her fans by posting a short, yet cute, holiday themed video message on her official website. In the quick ten second video, JWOWW

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Jersey Shore Sammi Sweetheart Gets Major Makeunder

Jersey Shore reality TV star Sammi Sweetheart gets a major makeunder from XOJANE. Fans can see the star looking very different, in a good way. Say goodbye to caked on makeup and tons of bronzer, and

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Taylor Swift Enjoys Edible Glittered Birthday Cake, Buys 2nd Cake

On December 13, 2011, country singer Taylor Swift turned 22. The blonde bombshell with the new fancy bangs was surprised with a special birthday cake with edible glitter. Taylor likes glitter? Who knew!

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Introduce Their Baby Girl through People

Just released today are official baby pics of mom Tori Spelling, her hubby Dean McDermott, and their precious nine-week-old baby girl, Hattie Margaret, who the couple is officially introducing to the

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Shawnee, OK Teacher Kimberly Crain Has Little Girls Pose in Christmas Underwear and Cheer

Shawnee, OK resident Kimberly Crain, third grade teacher in McCloud, OK, has quit her job now that she is being investigated by police and the FBI for having her students pose in bras and panties, perform

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Cheap Lubbock, Texas Man Gets Stuck in Chimney

A 22-year-old man in Lubbock, Texas was too cheap to pay for a locksmith when he and his family got locked out of their house on Monday, November 28, 2011. Instead, he climbed in the chimney, got stuck,

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Black Friday Campout at Texas Best Buy Store

Are you ready for the Black Friday deals? One Texas family is already camped out in front of a Best Buy store! Sunday, November 20, 2011, Windy Lawrence set up a tent in front of a Dallas-area Best Buy

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Planned Parenthoods Safe Sex Vampire Campaign In Time For Twilights Breaking Dawn

Just in time for the next Twilight film, Breaking Dawn , Planned Parenthood has released a press release that advises people on how to have safe sex with vampires or, as is more likely, humans. This

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Texas Man Arrested for Pointing Laser at Southwest Airlines Plane

A man in Garland, Texas has been indicted for pointing a green laser pointer at a Southwest Airlines jet as it approached Love Field back in June of this year. The accused man is 45-year-old Sammy Don

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Taylor Farms Retail Inc. Bagged Salad Blend Recalled Because of Salmonella

Do you have bagged salad in your fridge? Did you purchase your salad in one of the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon,

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90210 Season 4 Episode 5 10/11/11 Recap and Spoiler

Did you miss 90210 last night? Heres your recap of Season 4 episode, which aired October 11, 2011. Warning, this summary contains spoilers. On the last episode, Navid accepted dirty money from his

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Katy Perry Second Perfume Announced with Twitter Games

Last November, 26-year-old singer Katy Perrys first perfume, Purr, was released. Great news: it has just been announced that her second perfume will be released this November! The best part is fans can

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90210 Recap 10/4/11 Season 4 Episode 4 Spoiler

Season 4, episode 4 of 90210 aired October 4, 2011. Here is your recap of the episode titled Let The Games Begin with spoilers. In the last episode, a letter was stolen from Annies room by her

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Army Colonel Kills Texas Toddler With Car, Injures Mother, at Fort Sam Houston

September 28, 2011, a retired 86-year-old Army colonel ran over a 17-month-old toddler and his mother outside of a military hospital at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Sadly the toddler has died,

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600-Pound Obese Worker Fired From Texas Military Vehicle Plant BAE Systems

A Virginia based company with a slotenmaker plant in Houston, TX, BAE Systems, is being sued for firing a 600-pound morbidly obese man and replacing him with a worker who is not overweight. The company is being sued

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90210 Recap: 9/20/2011 Rush Hour Episode 4.2

Episode 4.2, season 4, episode 2 of 90210 , Rush Hour, aired September 20, 2011. Just like the season premier last week, the episode was predictable. Annie and Naomi went through pledge week, Annie

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Call of Duty Game Causes Boyd, Texas School Lockdown For Shooting Threat On Facebook

Schools in Boyd, TX went into lock down mode after a threatening message on Facebook appeared from a 16-year-old boy. The message was actually about the game Call Of Duty, which the teen had been

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90210 Season Premiere Recap 9/13/2011

Did you see the 90210 season premier on Tuesday, September 13, 2011? Heres your recap. Just a warning though that spoilers are included. The season ended with Naomi Clark announcing to Max that she

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Is Megan Fox Too Broke to Have a Baby?

Is Megan Fox too broke to have a baby? After being fired from Transformers: Dark of the Moon , this 25-year-old star speaks out on babies and finances. According to The Daily Mail , the beautiful

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TCU Student Rape Epidemic: 3 Rapes in 9 Days

Information has just been released, letting the public know that three women have been raped on the TCU campus in a nine-day period. The Texas Christian University assaults all happened between people

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Dallas Cowboy Kevin Ogletree Arrested in Coppell Texas on Friday

Kevin Ogletree, number three wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has been arrested today in Coppell, TX. What started as a typical traffic stop turned into an arrest. How embarrassing for him! What

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Two Rhode Island Teens Visit Vampire Grave and Die in Crash

Two Rhode Island teens died in a one vehicle wreck after visiting the grave of a teen vampire at Chestnut Hill Cemetery. Four teens were out for a night of fun on Wednesday, when the night turned tragic

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Philadelphia Police Officer Keith Corley II Charged With Rape

Philadelphia Police Officer Keith Corley II is charged of raping and sexually assaulting a woman who asked him for help. His official charge is rape, indecent assault, sexual assault along with several

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