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screen remedies throughout progression of your Primatte Chromakey plugin


We get tried out many screen solutions during development of the actual Primatte Chromakey plugin. Here are our thoughts regarding selecting a screen material. Our ideas are meant as becoming a beginning point, not just a final solution, therefore please try out your setup in order to pick which chromakey material surface delivers the best results to your job.

Chroma key fabric is a foam-backed fabric manufactured by Velcro. The idea comes in 60" wide rolls, can be offered through the yard, and is also available in blue or perhaps green. the fabric is extremely travel/wrinkle resistant and anyone also can certainly roll or fold it. The Particular foam absorbs light, which cuts down reflection on your model. When our topics tend to be photographed from the blue or even 3d virtual set green Chromakey fabric, we have experienced hardly any color spill as well as Primatte quickly pulls a great mask. you can easily acquire this material through photo provide houses likeFilm Resources along with

Savage Tech Green #46 Paper

We typically do not believe chromakey paper functions well. Several papers are usually glossy using a extremely reflective surface which in turn may cause colour spill. Your exception is Savage Paper Tech Green #46. This particular chromakey paper features a wonderful flat finish giving very little reflection and permits simple lighting. With Regard To an entire size pose, we recommend this paper. It could hang horizontally inside a lengthy roll, can be light for you to carry, rolls backup easily, and is fairly portable.

A problem with paper is usually that it's delicate along with susceptible to damage. It's easy to substitute but that will potentially gets expensive. Additionally you need a method to hang your paper.

Read much more in our AnarchyJim weblog submit titled "What Material for you to Use with regard to Greenscreen?" This is a really in depth overview of utilizing chromakey paper, specifically Tech Green #46.

Other chromakey materials

There tend to be a number involving other selections for chromakey material. Every features benefits and also cons, just just just like the fabric and also paper. for instance:

Paint: Anyone may buy residence paint in bright ma-key medium green or even bright medium blue. Merely go to any kind of home Depot or Kellys Paint. We painted sheets associated with wood using green regarding several of our earliest experiments. Paint works ok whether it will be VERY flat, and it is actually easy to clean as well as touch up.

This is an inexpensive solution, however, you obtain everything you pay for. The Particular qualifications can be dull and may not necessarily light extremely well. There are specialty chroma-blue and also chroma-green paint accessible which surely work much better nevertheless obviously will always be more expensive.

Twist-flex: Any reversible, double-sided fabric screen within green and blue. In the actual event that you work upon location, these are great for portability because they are lightweight as well as two-sided (green/blue). The Particular twist-flex also doesn't develop darkish wrinkles which regularly toss off your color scheme of chromakey software.

The problem using the twist-flex screens can be they may be typically polyester. Which material tends to be somewhat reflective rather than very mild absorbent, which may generate a large amount of color spill. The Actual just twist-flex we tested will be in the FlexDrop2 items simply by Photoflex. It's adequate, yet we wouldn't recommend it unless there will be no additional options. Digital Juice furthermore includes a twist-flex green screen.

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