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So I'm guessing you're watching this video because you want to know more about SEO. Well stick around to the end of this video, I've got for you a free guide that I personally put together to basically just un-complicate SEO. You need to have tiered backlinks, you need to have social signals, you need to have money site links, you need to have links linking to them money site links, you need to have social signals doing, just a load of bollocks man do you know what I mean? Listen, if you know anything about SEO yeah or if you've been in, tried to learn SEO for any amount of time, you'll know that there is a lot of noise out there in the market place that will tell you this, that and the other. You need to buy this thing yeah, next thing, next week you need to buy this thing. You need this software, this software will get you on first page no problem. Listen what you need to know yeah, and I'll tell you this for nothing, what you need to know is it all boils down to competition. That is the key to SEO, competition. Now let's take my name, my name, Stace Ace okay. I go and Google my name, I can rank for my name like that. Two minutes man, two minutes, three minutes, twenty minutes yeah. You must of heard people say, "Oh I ranked a YouTube video in two minutes," you know.

The competitiveness for that keyword is zero, okay. That's why your there, just boom straight there. This is what you need to understand. Now, I've done all that, you know, ranking for these stupid, less competitive keywords that no one is even looking for, no one's even bothered about, you know, the long tail keywords that are so long tail, you know the tail's flipping around everywhere. Come on now, let's get real. We want keywords yeah where you can make money from them okay, where there's actually traffic coming to these keywords, okay. Now I'm going to show you something, a little trick now yeah that will just explain this for you and really put this down to a tee to exactly what I'm saying. Okay so we're over at my computer now, but just a disclaimer here yeah, I'm telling you this yeah, how this works here, but I just want to say that this is not the only thing you need to do okay. But this will just explain exactly what I'm talking about and it will give you an idea of how competition works, okay. So I'm going to jump straight onto this and I'm going to type in how to lose weight, which everybody kind of knows, if I can spell it right. Everybody knows how to lose weight is a very competitive keyword to rank for okay. You know, there's a lot of money behind it, you know, all these different pills and potions and whatever people sell, how to lose weight. So what I wanted to show you here is Google's give us 93.9 million results.

That's a lot of competing pages, you know, that you need to compete against to get on to this first page here, okay. And what I like to do is to understand how many, exactly how many competing pages there are is put in allintitle, I've even spelt that wrong as well, jeez my spellings atrocious today, and then colon and then speech mark or quotes, whatever you want to call it at the end of your key phrase, keyword, whatever you want to call it, okay. So doing this and we click search, doing this yeah will give us the title yeah, it will give us this key phrase, this exact key phrase, and it's exact because we've put it into quotations. Okay, when you do that Google will only show you pages coming back saying how to lose weight, how to lose weight, how to lose weight. It will always come back with them exact words in that exact order, how to lose weight, how to lose weight. You go onto page 10, 6, 7, 10, whatever, and it's all how to lose weight okay in that exact order. And then the allintitle part yeah, is basically it means that you only want to see results that have this how to lose weight in the title. And the reason why we say title yeah, is because when people put how to lose weight in the title it pretty much means that they want to rank for it because they put it into the actual title itself okay. So, you know, this gives us, now gives us an idea of how many exact competing pages there are for this exact phrase, how to lose weight. And in this instance, I'll just get rid of that, in this instance it's 410,000 okay. Now watch what happens when you make this keyword longer okay. So we've got 410,000 competing pages, all competing for the phrase how to lose weight. They all want to be on this first page okay. So how to lose weight for women. Ah, spelt it wrong again. How to lose weight for women. Look at that, 778 results. So the competition, the competing pages have just gone a lot down. Mega, just dropped completely, and as I say how to lose weight women, you know, how to lose weight for women, how to lose weight for women, how to lose weight for women, it's all in here in exact order because we've put it into quotations okay, how to lose weight for women.

Now let me just give http://whatis.techtarget.com/d efinition/search-engine-optimi zation-SEO you a contrast there yeah, let me just take that how to lose weight for women, open up again, I'll pop that in to Google and then you can see there it says, it's got how to lose weight for women but it's in a different order. Like so we've got losing weight women, how is a stop word so it's not really going to be in there, but each of these, each of these results, weight, women, how again is you know as I say a stop word, but they're in here but they're mixed up because we've not got it into quotes. That's why there's so many competing pages. Now we've got 778 results okay so how to lose weight for women. Now if I put in here, over 40 okay, you can see that the results have gone down again. That's 220 competing pages okay. So obviously this here is going to be more easier to rank for because there's less competing pages to outcompete. Okay so this is just a quick way of understanding the competition around something. So the next time somebody says to you I got on first page of Google or YouTube, whatever, in two minutes, you know just do this allintitle trick and just see how much competition there is around that. Okay guys so that was just a little trick, you know that kind of just explains things about keyword competitiveness okay. Because at the end of the day yeah, you know, links and social signals and backlinking, tiered backlinking and all this kind of stuff, embeds and that yeah, it is SEO yeah but at the end of the day if you pick your battles correctly i.e. you know what keywords will number one be able to be monetised, because at the end of the day we're all in this for money, we're not doing it for fun yeah, we're in the make money online game. We're not in the SEO game, we're in the make money online game.

We want money in http://www.seoworks.com/ our pockets at the end of the day okay. So you know, this is what I'm talking about. So I put this guide together to just you know, help people out at the end of the day and cut through the crap, give you a jumpstart, give you a shortcut, whatever you want to call it okay. Now, I'm sick of all the crap that's out there, I've been through it myself for 3 solid years, spent tens of thousands of dollars on different courses and stuff like that you know, to get to where I am, to understand SEO, and let me tell you, looking back on it now I did not need to spend all that money. I did not need to learn all that stuff okay that was out there. When I first realised how SEO worked it was just, it happened before my eyes. I seen my webpage move up the rankings. I built a link, I seen it move up the rankings the next couple of days and I was like, what? This is how it works, you know? I've been doing all this crap for the past 3 years, spending all this money on course after course after course after course after course after course, what? So listen I know, I can feel you, I know where you're coming from yeah with trying to you know, get success at SEO. So I put this guide together, now there's a button on this video here, if you're watching us on YouTube you need to click the button on this what is search engine marketing video now, if you're watching this on the webpage you can just go and click the button below this video here and you can pick up this SEO guide, whatever you want to call it, I don't even know what it's called to be honest, but it'll put you on the straight and narrow and it will explain to you things that you may know, you may not know but let me tell you, you will learn from this. It doesn't matter what kind of level are at SEO, you will learn from this. So guys, pick this up now, click on that button there and I'll see you on the inside of the course.

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