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Why do men swear so much when talking to women?


I’ve noticed a trend when talking to men lately. Actually I started to notice it two or three years ago. Men seem to swear an awful lot when speaking to women. The first time I remember noticing this was a few years ago when speaking on the phone to a guy that I met through BP. I recall asking him what he did that day. His answer was something like “I got up this morning and took a f*ckin shower, went to f*ckin work then came home and sh*t”. I kept listening and realized that pretty much every sentence this guy uttered prominently featured the F word (often more than once) and most sentences ended with “and sh*t”, which is the most useless phrase ever. I explained to that guy that he was making my ears bleed. We disconnected and never spoke again.

Since that day I have seen time and time again that it is not an isolated incident. I’ve spoken to numerous men that peppered their sentences with vulgarities while talking to me. Some were worse than others. Like the Army guy who called me and as soon as I picked up the phone he said hold on and put a cursing on his dog the likes of which that dog will probably never recover from. Prior to that he had sworn quite a bit in conversations and I had asked him several times to try to keep it to a minimum.

Then there is the guy that just hung up on me a few minutes ago. This was our second phone conversation. The first was very brief because he called too late and I was getting ready for bed. Tonight he called me and immediately began to talk to someone that he referred to as his partner after I greeted him. He was telling the guy to curse their motherf*cking boss out for getting him his check late. You aint got to put up with that bullsh*t. That Motherf*cker knew what the f*ck he was doing. When you see that motherf*cker you curse his *ss out! Then he starts talking to me. I tried to excuse it since he was not actually speaking to me at the time. Maybe he thought he put me on mute. I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. So we talk for all of five minutes and I begin to see that I should have just hung up while he was instructing the partner. The guy is a police officer and he starts telling me that he is studying for the Sergeant exam. Next thing you know he’s going off about how he wants to move but he better keep his *ss where he is cause you never know when these motherf*ckers are going to start acting up. F*ck that sh*t I’m trying to move up. I stopped him right there and said there have been an awful lot of MFs and what not in this very brief conversation and asked him why he was speaking to me that way. He apologized (as most do before continuing to speak the exact same way) and asked if he should call me at another time. I asked him if he agreed that I was conducting myself as a lady. He said yeah…I’m sorry…*click*

I usually call men out on this and ask them why they feel the need to speak that way and remind them that they are talking to a lady who is conducting herself as a lady. In my mind that makes all the difference. I do realize that there are a lot of gutter mouthed women out there and I guess when a man is talking to one of them it is OK to let it rip. When I say that I conduct myself as a lady I mean I am having conversation which generally does not include any vulgarities from me. I’m not going to try to portray myself as an angel. I swear…sometimes too much but certainly not in every sentence or even every hour. I can honestly say that none of these guys had heard me swear. The worst any of them heard me say was damn or crap.

So now I’m wondering is it unreasonable for me to expect men to speak to me in a respectful way? Am I wrong for expecting the same type of respect that they would give to their mothers (Lord I hope they don’t talk to Mama like that)? Do men even realize that they are doing this?

Just wondering…Kat

P.S. Much love to all of the men out there that know how to respect a woman who is respecting herself. I know you are out there as I have encountered many of you too. This blog isn’t about men in general. Just the disrespectful ones.

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