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RANT: The Predator Strikes Again...


Blading Around

I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet another male predator. What a crock of s.h.i.t. Well, on the bright side of things, I relearned a prior lesson. I guess I needed to relearn it so thanks predator for re-instilling a valuable lesson.



I believe that if you have to lie and mislead someone to get them, you really lack self-esteem because if you were comfortable in your own skin, you would not feel like you had to be a liar in order to get who you wanted. If sex is what you want, all you have to do is say so! No, not everyone is going to go for it, but not everyone goes for people that are looking for relationships either. It is about giving the other person the opportunity to make that choice and doing the descent humane thing. It is about being a good person.



I liken a predator to a child molester. They have similar traits. A child molester attempts to gain the child's trust as does a predator, and once they have the persons trust, they exploit it. It is somewhat sick really and in a sense, I feel like I was raped.



Unfortunately, some people are not honest and they will lie to get what they are after. Just a word of advice to anyone who reads this, be careful. If a person lies to you in the beginning about menial things, why wouldn't they lie to you about their intentions, relationship status, or anything else of relevance or importance? Pay attention to the signs no matter how much you want the relationship to work. It is what it is you know. Hopefully, my predator's daughters will never meet anyone like him if they are lucky.

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