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A Real Economic Rescue Plan for African Americans


Charles Bowlds, Founder/CEO, develops a one-stop economic resource that proves to be a timely rescue plan for African Americans.

INDIANAPOLIS, April 24, 2009 - Today an economic alternative to the signs of a declining economy is presenting real choice for change within African American communities. This dynamic new system is a turn-key economic solution that is a real alternative to the disproportionate job losses that are reflected in today's headlines.

For the first time in African American history, African Americans (AA) are presented with a viable solution which allows every citizen of the AA community to participate in their own economic welfare. "For over a decade we have labored to harness the technology of the internet in creating a system for the expressed purpose of connecting the entrepreneurial spirit of our communities to the 700 billion strong, purchasing power of our communities. Doing so allows us to close the gap of economic disparities that have historically plagued our individual and collective economic progress", said Charles Bowlds founder and CEO of the African American Connection (AAC).

Upon accessing the AAC domain at www.aaconnection.com, you are greeted with a double portal. On n one side of the portal you can access two shopping centers. The first provides you with a cash back rebate of up to 40% in the form of a check that's mailed directly to you. The other side connects you to a business center designed to create and support African American retail merchants, as well as other enterprises that have an economic impact on the viability of African American communities.

The common platform for AAC Member Merchants is a state-of-the-art Web store that's stocked with a blog tool, events calendar, gallery module, comments section and contact tool for interactive communication with customers. Included in the AAC Web store platform are a free shopping cart, free hosting and free payment gateway powered by NOCA - a pioneer in making the cost saving benefits of shopping online available to non-credit card holders.

To learn more, visit www.aaconnection.com or call 888.AAC.8842. If you would like to schedule an Interview with Charles Bowlds, please call Dimitri Snowden 888.515.1093 or e-mail Dimitri pressrelease@ion360.net


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