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How to Install Battlefield 3 Premium on Multiple Consoles


You must keep your account in each playstations to become capable of use the content. This particular article provides a straightforward explanation for you to installing the actual premium service on a couple of ps3 consoles.

3. The Actual cost will demonstrate up as 'free' regarding this 2nd installation.

Four steps For You To Installing BF3 premium in two Playstation three Slim consoles

Now all users on the 1st and also second consoles will have access for the Battlefield 3 premium service. Numerous individuals are unaware in which Sony permits customers to reveal along with you content material bought from the Playstation Retailer upon a pair of consoles. Sony just permits customers to share the actual premium support upon two playstation consoles. This kind of includes expansion packs, unique in-game content, access to double XP events, dog tags, assignments, queue priority and other premium-only perks. Anyone will need to re-download Battlefield three premium if you delete your user accountfrom one console. sign inside for you to your account on the very first playstation console.. This particular typically occurs if your bank account can be activated about some other consoles. 2. In the actual event that youremove your current user accountfrom each playstations, you will need to re-purchase premium.

1. buy http://code-xboxlive-gratuit.f r/ as well as install the premium service from the Battlefield 3in-game store.

Battlefield 3 premium support is currently obtainable on PC, Xbox along with Playstation 3. Ensure you simply use the in-game shop when purchasing as well as installing premium.

Some individuals are already getting problems downloading your content twice. In the event that a person encounter this problem, an individual might have to deactivate your money off their playstation systems.

4. Most your great things about Battlefield three premium service are available here.

Another important little bit of details tonote is that if you delete your bank account via possibly console, BF3 premium is actually deleted as well. Log in to your bank account about the 2nd playstation console.

Note: Whenever downloadingupcoming content, you'll must sign directly into theaccount in which originally bought Battlefield three Premium, or perhaps you will obtain what it's all about 'Content not necessarily obtainable at this time. Open Up the in-game retailer and also install your premium service. Please try once 1102672 again later'.

Note: In your event that you use the particular Playstation store as against the in-game store, you may be charged twice

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