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It's that time again!!

We have made more site changes and enhancements that we think you are going to love. You may notice the word "NEW" across the top of some member photos. This means that this is a new member who recently joined the site. We did this as a way for "older" site members to recognize and welcome new members.

One of the complaints new members have is that they don't know how to reach out and meet other members of the community. So if you are and old member and you see a new member please send them a note to say Hello and welcome them. They will appreciate it and you might make some great new friends!!!!

Another request you all have asked for is more ways to find members and view their pictures. We added three new member sections called WHO'S ONLINE, NEW MEMBERS, and SURPRISE ME. These links are located at the top right side of the navigation bar. Clicking into any of these sections will allow you to view member photos.

Quizzes!! Yes you can now take quizzes and post them on your personal page or Myspace bulletin. We received many suggestions for this added feature and we're really excited to have it. You can also make suggestions for cool new quizzes for us to create so check it out!!

We also changed our video landing page to give you more member generated videos. We now feature videos chosen by our site manager to highlight hot topics and issues that are important to the community. Popular videos are based on ratings and the amount of times the video has been watched. These changes were made based on member feedback.

We think you will enjoy the changes and we believe the changes will enhance your site experience. Please feel free to reply to this post and let us know what you think.


Member Advocate.

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