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Leading ISP Sets Anti-Hacking Standard for Hosted Server Security With entercept.


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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2000

ClickNet Software, the leading anti-hacking safety solutions provider, today announced that will Tellurian Networks, Inc., among the actual largest internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout New Jersey, offers bought and it is deploying its breakthrough anti-hacking technologies across its expanding corporate along with client web server networks. entercept, the particular industry's initial proactive anti-hacking solution, provides probably your most efficient protection through external and also internal hacking attempts with regard to corporate e-business as well as information servers.

"As current headlines have got demonstrated, e-business servers are usually incredibly at risk of attack," mentioned George Kurtz, CEO associated with Foundstone the leading pc safety coaching as well as consulting company, and author of 'Hacking Exposed: Network Safety Secrets along with Solutions.' "Firewalls just aren't adequate to avoid a new hacker. entercept represents the particular next generation regarding security technology because it features the opportunity to proactively prevent hackers via gaining control of e-business servers instead of merely alerting system administrators that an attack has occurred."

Tellurian Networks provides its consumers having a wide selection of Internet, co-location as well as managed server offerings emphasizing security, substantial bandwidth, reliability along with expert technical support and support.

entercept's special proactive approach is especially vital that will you any regional Web internet hosting along with managed services provider (MSP) such as Tellurian Networks, exactly where constructing along with sustaining customer believe in in the company's ability to offer maximum uptime as well as flawless protection regarding customer assets is actually the many notable priority. Implementing entercept provides enabled it to become able to extend its leadership inside a extremely competitive marketplace while, with exactly your same time, reducing its business risk.

"The managed service provider business model is extremely vulnerable to something that reduces customer confidence," stated Robert Boyle, founder and CEO with Tellurian Networks. "Data loss, theft, downtime and also Web Site defacement destroys consumer confidence which in turn could halt an MSP's growth and also hamper the actual expansion of the market as being a whole. entercept's unmatched capacity to avoid a hacker prior to an attack leads to any damage has offered Tellurian Networks any crucial tool for you to establish along with take proper care of the consumer have confidence in which makes company msp hack vip achievement possible on this market. Using entercept, Tellurian Networks may be able to clearly differentiate its value-added solutions from our competitors, who nonetheless function in fantastic risk for their customers' businesses."

Boyle added which by standardizing entercept across almost all its servers, Tellurian Networks offers not merely implemented the compelling differentiator with regard to building consumer have confidence in but additionally features raised the bar about the amount of safety assurance required for you to foster further expansion regarding e-business.

MSPs assume significant responsibility for the reliability and also data integrity of their customers' e-business. Consequently, current legal developments are usually encouraging MSPs to limit their particular liability through implementing one with the most successful server safety technologies.

Service agreements which need MSPs to make every "commercially reasonable" effort to end up being able to protect customer data and minimize downtime are generally becoming standard, based on Internet company legal experts.

Tellurian Network's Boyle furthermore mentioned entercept anti-hacking protection is surely an extremely manageable and also affordable way to maintain customer confidence within the security involving their own hosted servers.

The entercept solution now plays a new crucial role within Tellurian Network's expansion right in to a wide range of Internet server management solutions and additionally the finalization of a new 4,500-sq.ft. co-location facility. Boyle mentioned that, taking directly into consideration the comprehensive security measures along with technologies now getting integrated to the co-location facility, entercept represents the primary element element regarding maximizing on-site protection.

About entercept

entercept can be the really first host-based intrusion prevention answer that proactively stops hacker attacks and protects corporate assets just before unauthorized transactions could occur. Unlike intrusion detection security technologies that recognize attacks throughout progress and also alert the client following your damage continues for you to be done, entercept recognizes attack signatures in the os along with software level, preventing the hacker attack from ever getting processed. entercept, which can be shipping and delivery now, provides undergone effective trials from greater than one hundred consumer web sites which includes government agencies, resellers along with Fortune 500 firms since its introduction within November 1999.

About Tellurian Networks

Tellurian Networks is really a leading World wide web Company (ISP) providing reliable, high-speed connectivity as well as managed co-location services. Tellurian Networks, headquartered throughout Newton, New Jersey, emphasizes strong technical expertise along with support, flexible options and greatest associated with breed technology. Pertaining To more information, visit your company's website in www.tellurian.com as well as contact 1-888-TELLURIAN.

About ClickNet software

ClickNet Software Program Corporation can become a leading supplier associated with software solutions with regard to securing e-business assets. ClickNet will be headquartered throughout San Jose, Calif., and, for further information regarding entercept, can be contacted simply by calling its world headquarters straight with 408-576-5900, toll free with 1-800-599-3200, 44-181-387-5500 pertaining to its European offices, as well as simply by browsing its web site from http://www.clicknet.com.

Note for you to Editors: ClickNet as well as the ClickNet logo tend to be trademarks associated with ClickNet Software Program Corp. Most some other registered trademarks, trademarks, trade names or perhaps service marks are the property involving his or her respective owners.

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