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Plastic Pallets


Plastic pallets are plates which are used for loading and compounding extruder unloading. It facilitates cargo managing, transport, distribution and storage. A plastic pallet includes load surface which can carry a certain number of cargo and sockets designed for forklift. Plastic pallet is the most obscure logistics apparatus but it exists everywhere and it is the principal means to change cargo from static to powerful. Although maybe the size of plastic pallets is only one square meter, nonetheless it “can move the Earth”. So the plastic pallet is also called the active ground, mobile dock.

In recent years, logistics industry has developed rapidly with an annual growth rate greater than 15%. Gurus predict that, in the arriving years, the logistic market will maintain an average annual cost of 20%, the volume of plastic pallets will exceed 20 million. “big efficiency, energy preservation, environmental protection, low cost ” is the main qualities of logistic industry in the future. This is a creation opportunity but an excellent challenge for plastic pallets manufactures also.

The development of plastic pallets advantages from several factors. Of all first, the plastic pallets have superior performance. Then, for some time, the pallet in logistic market is constructed of wood. However, with raising environmental pressure, railway transport problems a regulation of disabling wooden pallets. Europe, America, Japan and various other countries proposed near-stringent fumigation and quarantine requirements on the import of wood packaging (including wooden pallets). Furthermore, the processing tools of plastic pallets have high degree of automation and large end result. With the improvement of plastic mechanical properties and the decrease of raw materials price, the expense of plastic pallets is not any the bottleneck which restricted the utilization longer. One side may be the advancement of the logistic sector drives the increase of the plastic pallets demand, the other side is the “main force” wooden pallets tend to failure, all these indicates that plastic pallets are facing tremendous opportunities.

Durability: the life of plastic pallets is approximately 10 times longer than wooden pallets.

Reliability: the dependability of the framework of plastic pallets considerably reduces the damage intake of plastic pallets, along with the cargo damage caused by the broken pallets. Plastic pallets are lighter than the wooden pallets in the same size, it reduce the cost and weight of transport.

Health: plastic pallets can be washed and reused.

Global trends: plastic pallets are free from fumigation and quarantine, can be export to Europe and different countries directly. European Network requires all food, medicine and beverage transport must employ plastic pallets.

Specific: plastic pallets tend to be more and more popular in a few distinctive commodity market, such as: food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry. And according to the requirements of different plants, plastic pallets could be made of many different colors, coupled with the appropriate company mark and logo. It makes 5S management possible for enterprises.

Insurance: due to detrimental resistance of plastic pallets, a corresponding decrease in workers compensation promises, and the reduce use of wood found in factory is equal to the reduction of fire insurance premiums.

Residual value: the employed plastic pallets could be sold at 30% of the original price, because plastic pallets can be sold back again to manufacturers or other entities in order to reuse.

Environmental protection: plastic pallets are environmental friendly products, because they can all be recycled and reuse, reducing the squander and disposal cost greatly.

Protection of forests: the utilization of plastic pallets can prevent thousands of acres of forest reduction each year.

Plastic pallets have two types: single sided type and double sided type. Double sided type could be divided into assembled and monolithic. At present, plastic pallets are mostly made by injection moulding, accompanied by the extrusion-hollow blow moulding. Extrusion products are not too much, vacuum forming is used. SINO MOULD is among the top rated Pallet mould companies in China, who features been recognized as the professional Pallet mould company widely.

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