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40 & Feeling Fierce!!!!


LMAO...That's right now you know my Tru age Sept2,09 was The Day The Man above woke me up & Blessed me. I can't,wont complaint my Life over all has been Amazing. I've raised my sons to be good people,live right as best as I know. I've reentered the Fashion world Freelance with open arms.My MakeUp, Wardrobe stylist business(Insatiable Creations-Ins Creations) as taken off, and the World of Runways/kat walks continues to Embrace me.So with all this said I say even when the odds some say are stacked againist you at Least Try to go for your passions it may just WORK OUT.I dont intend of slowing down believe me there's no time New opportunities are opening up everyday I step forth and I except and Embrace each and every one. The Next Fashion Show dates in Chicago,IL:
Oct 3-"Take Time for Your Soul"
Oct 11-"Harlem Renaissance"
Oct 23-"Kal-eido-Scope"
Nov 14-"UnBelieveable"
Nov 26-How LakeView Views Fashion 5"

I promise to be More forth coming in getting my Project information out.F.Y.I yess i'm still open to signing with an agency.
Thanks for Love and Support.

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